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    Out of the Flames – Chapter Nine (Finale)

    Santa Rosa, California…

    Tina led the way out, several steps ahead of Caco, and finally Bette. When she entered the hallway, she choked on the thick smoke that had filled the room. The crackling and snapping sounds of burning wood and vegetation stopped her in her tracks. “Shit.”

    Seconds later, Bette realized the wildfire had reached the other end of the house and saw smoke was billowing from the master bedroom. They had stayed too long. She held onto Caco’s hands and maneuvered him to the front door. It was too late. The driveway was cut off by flames, and the SUV they had thrown one of the guards into was engulfed. They were trapped.

    “Out the back.” Bette pushed Caco toward the windows that lined the far wall of the great room and led to the backyard.

    Once outside, they were hit by a fierce wind that was whipping the flames into a frenzy. The heat was becoming unbearable. There wasn’t much time. Every avenue of escape appeared to be cut off. They had nowhere to go. The only possible refuge was the large swimming pool several yards away.

    “The pool,” Bette yelled. She scanned the area and saw a cabana stocked with swim towels. “Tina, grab a bunch of towels. We can use them for cover.”

    Tina holstered her weapon and gathered the towels

    Bette pushed Caco along and toward the steps leading into the pool.

    “We can beat the flames. I know a way,” Caco said.

    Was this a ploy? Some trick? Bette couldn’t be sure. She looked around again but couldn’t see a safe route.

    “On the other side of the palm trees there’s a garage made of cinder block, it should be safe. I have a truck there,” said Caco. “We can escape.”

    Bette wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t think they could outrun the wind-whipped flames now overtaking the house. She looked at Tina. “What do you think?”

    The flames were growing stronger, the heat was rising. There was no time to debate. Tina replied, “If there’s a way out, we should try.”

    Bette pulled out her Sig Sauer as a show of force. “No funny business, Caco. Show us.”

    Caco turned and pointed. “It’s past the pool. Come.” He then took off at a jog with Bette and Tina right behind. When he reached the far corner at the deep end of the pool, he suddenly stopped, turned and put out both arms, pushing Bette into the water. Tina, who still had her firearm holstered, reacted first to Bette, not Caco, and reached out to her. In that instant, Caco took off running in the direction of the palm trees with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

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    1. Ok, thanks for the chapter and first part of story!

      I must say this was a hard story, but final was best part. And Bette behavior in the flame was even better, than i hoped. Both girls were good. But is Caco really dead? And what Reagan will be thinking about relationship between B&T?

      So, i’ll be waiting for the second part of journey.

      • Zhenya, I had a feeling you would like how this story arc ended. They saved each other. In the next part of the story, Bette will begin to understand just how much Tina has saved her from.

          • I plan on weaving in more of both Tina’s and Bette’s pasts into part 2 of the story. Righ now, I only plan for two books with these characters, but the way I’ve designed them, future stories are not out of the question. I can envision many more story arcs between these two.

    2. Hi CN,

      I loved the last chapter. I am so glad that they survived and worked together to escape out of the flames.

      Your Tina is a lovely sweet woman who got Bette to sing again, due to the circumstances they were in, and feel a connection to her mother again. She is the woman that will wait patiently for Bette to heal from her loss and become ready for a new loving relationship. The connection is already there, like their few shared kisses.

      Finally Bette can let her feeling of guilt toward Avery let go, it was never her fault. Now she can begin to slowly build her life to happiness and love.

      It was a incredible journey you took us with this story and i loved it. Now i am waiting patiently for the second part.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

      • Bibi, so glad you enjoyed the story. Time for me to recharge for a bit, then off to work on part 2, along with one other little project. Thanks so much for reading and always leaving a comment.

    3. Hello CN, really enjoyed this story, you have given us another good one, and it seems as though we have a budding romance to enjoy later with our favorite girls. It was great that Lane found out what the Santos’ were actually up to. It appears that all they wanted was the money from Avery’s death. I don’t believe they cared for Reagan at all just the money that she would have inherited from her mother. Greedy dogs. Not a bit of love in them. Great update. Thanks for posting.

      • Dainty, forgive the pun, but this romance is quite the slow burn. Both, Bette especially, had to go through so much fire to find her way back to her first crush. In the next book, the embers of romance will smolder at first, then events will fan them into flames. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the last of the Santoses. Hope you’ll swing by late summer for the second part. Thanks so much for reading and for passing along your thoughts and kind words.

    4. What a beautiful ending! I love how you let some romance develop between Tina and Bette out of the flames as well. With knowing that you will give us another part or two, I’m perfectly fine that you let them go slowly and give them time to build a romantic relationship. It would have been to soon otherwise for Bette and would have been in danger of beeing a simple rebound thing.
      I loved the scene in the pool. I shed some tears again when Tina managed to make Bette sing again. A very sweet moment in the middle of deasaster. Great!

      As for the other storyline I also think that the man who died in the flames wasn’t Caco. Can’t wait to see what you have in find for your next installment.
      Thanks again for giving this wonderful story, CN.

      • kiwipit, I appreciate your patience with the slow-burning romance between Bette and Tina. I could have glanced over Bette’s grieving process and fast-forwarded several more months but it was that process that to me makes this a compelling story. I really loved the pool scene too. It brought the whole story full circle. Their romance will blossom in the next part while they address a few loose ends, which Caco may very well be one of them. Thanks so much for reading.

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