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    Out of the Flames – Chapter Six

    San Francisco, one week later…

    It was ironic that Diego Rojas never liked wearing red; it made him stand out from the monotone dark and dingy fashion worn by much of the Bay Area streetwise. He didn’t have a choice these days. The red inmate clothing of the San Francisco County Jail at 850 Bryant was his only option, but that would soon change.

    Diego was only 24 hours away from trading in his red pull-up pants and sweatshirt for Solano Prison blues, which meant getting to see his brother on a weekly basis; one of his conditions for telling what he knew about Los Dorados and their Kiss operation. He was confident that ADA Harris would follow through with the deal because he was holding back a key source of intelligence until she did. That source was the number of his burner phone that was destroyed beyond recognition in the explosion. Once the police had that number, they could identify what other phone numbers called him, including El Caco.

    For the past six weeks, Diego had spent 22 hours a day in a cell and only mixed with a small section of the general population while he traveled to and from the showers. This was the price he had to pay for becoming a snitch against Los Dorados.

    A guard suddenly appeared in front of his cell and announced through the bars, “Shower time.”

    Diego had been waiting for him, towel and toiletries in hand and shower shoes on his feet. Without saying a word, he stood, placed his hands through the center hole, and waited to be cuffed. The ultimate reminder of his incarceration, but as an unsentenced inmate, protocol required he be, at a minimum, handcuffed while in transit.

    He had taken this same route at the same time every day for the last 40 days, but today he had an extra pep in his step because this would be his last trip to the stench-filled inmate shower stalls at 850 Bryant. He would, though, miss having the shower all to himself.

    Turn left, through an entrapment, then one more left turn.

    Just like every day before, several other inmates were exiting the shower and walking in the opposite direction. Just as Diego was about to pass them, a scuffle broke out between two inmates, then within seconds, it grew into a full melee involving half a dozen. Unexpectedly, the one guard was overpowered, and Diego was pulled into the fight. After he was pushed to the ground, everyone pounced on him, then he felt something sharp pierce his abdomen once, twice, three times. Finally, more guards arrived and started hitting the other inmates with their batons to break up the scuffle.

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    1. You are spoiling us CN, two chapters in one week.

      Glad that Bette is making progress and is starting to rebuild her life and be a mother to Reagan. It will be a slow journey but she made the first step.

      I understand that Avery’s parents wants to see Reagan on regular basis since she is their only connection to Avery since she died but Reagan is old enough to decide if she wants contact with them. I hope that it will not turn out to be a nasty fight in court.

      Did you really wrote that Bette didn’t feel a spark anymore but only a melancholy feeling when she saw Tina!?
      Hmm, lets write it down as Bette is still grieving and feeling guilty. Now is not the time for a new relationship.

      With Tina on board they will certainly nail those bastards.

      Thank you for the update CN!

      • Bibi, you got it just right. Bette’s working her way through the grief and guilt and now is not the time for a new relationship. Her heart is too broken at the moment, but she still feels that connection with Tina, and that’s a good start.

    2. Hi CN:

      Very nice chapter. Finally, Bette started her way uphill.

      I’m still mad to the Santoses, no because they are homophobic (even though it is something I hate, though I have lived and still live surrounded by them), but to the fact they use Bette’s sexuality to discharge their own sense of guilt, they abandoned her daughter, Avery, because of her sexual option, and refused to visit her when she was alive, now that she is dead, they want to blame someone and that is Bette; I guess they want Reagan, thinking they could make up for their mistakes for condemning and abandoning Avery.

      It’s very good to read that Reagan and Bette are getting closer than they were and they are improving their mother-daughter relationship.

      I like very much that Eric and Bette have decided to work on their own against the Sinaloa cartel, there is too much leak of information in the regular channels.

      I’m happy that Tina is on board on this ship with Bette and Eric. I like how well the two women work with each other, that is a very good start to heal their wounds.

      Thanks for this fantastic story, I’ll be waiting for the update.


    3. So glad Bette is working through her grief. Really don’t like the Santos but hopefully Lane will kick their butts. I think Tina’s partner is dirty
      Really appreciated the two updates. They were awesome as usually.


      • wkm, I don’t like the Santoses very much either, so wrapped up in what they want, they never consider what Reagan wants. I’m working to post the rest of the book before the end of the month. Now that the weather is cooperating in my neck of the woods, I plan to use my free time outdoors and not in front of a computer screen. So glad you’re enjoying the story.

    4. Freddy, warms my heart that you like the story. Don’t worry, I’ll post until this part of the story comes to an end. That doesn’t mean this is the last you’ll see of these characters. Part 2 is already floating in my head.

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