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    Out of the Flames – Chapter Three

    San Francisco, later that night…

    “This was our last song together, wasn’t it? Bette’s voice cracked with emotion as tears rolled down her face. Her mother was trapped in the burning car, and she could do nothing to save her.

    “Yes, honey, it was.” Her mother nodded, her lips quivering. “Hurry, Bette. Hurry.” Her mother pleaded as the flames inched closer. “Save yourself,” she told her.

    But how could she just leave her? She couldn’t face life without her mother. Somehow Bette knew what that would be like…sad, lonely, and angry.

    The engine was still revving loudly, and smoke and the smell of burning gasoline filled the front cabin. Bette refused to leave. She frantically pulled and clawed at the mangled wreckage to free her mother’s crushed legs. “I think I can get it this time.”

    “No, Bette. Run!”

    “I can’t. I won’t run this time.” Bette pulled with every ounce of strength. “I’m not leaving you this time, Mommy.”

    The flames suddenly grew tenfold…a bright flash…then darkness…silence.

    Bette woke with a jolt; her heart was pounding and her body drenched in sweat. What the fuck? She hadn’t had one of her nightmares in years…not since she met Avery. Why now? Then she remembered she ran into Tina, who reminded her of the accident.

    She glanced to her right and was relieved to find Avery still sleeping soundly just inches away.

    When Bette licked her lips, she realized her mouth was parched. She slung her legs over the side of the bed, then grabbed her iPhone on her way to the kitchen. Being on-call 24×7 meant nightmares or not, that damn cellphone had to always be within arm’s reach. At times, she felt like she was permanently attached to it.

    She filled a glass with tap water, then glanced at the clock on the microwave above the stove…2 a.m.; she wasn’t asleep long. Out the dining room windows, she noticed the fog had temporarily lifted, so she sat at the table to take in the twinkling lights from across the bay.

    The nightmare still troubled Bette. This variation of the accident had cropped up in several of her nightmares when she was younger, but only when she was feeling especially afraid of failing. She struggled to make sense of it. Sure, she was feeling guilty about how smitten she was when she saw Tina at the office, but she wasn’t about to risk her marriage over a childhood crush.

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    1. All i can say – too much too detailed B& not T sex for me already in this story.

      After this three chapters when i think about what relationship can be between B&T in the final – i can see two possibilities. But i don’t like both paths which can lead to them.

      • Z, I know this is not your typical B&T love story, and you’re right there are only two paths for the two of them to get together and neither bodes well for Bette’s happiness. But this story is a reflection of how messy life can be, even when in the end, you get everything you ever dreamed of as a little girl. I hope you give this story a chance and join me for its conclusion.

    2. Hi CN,

      It was a very intense chapter to read and i am looking forward to the next chapter.

      My first comment has vanished into space and i am sorry, i don’t feel to write it again.

        • Hi CN:

          Bibi’s comment is in the dashboard-comments- trash below many of mines that were trashed yesterday, I could pull out mine, but it should be you or her who may do that. I read the content though when I was trying to rescue mines and Bibi’s comment is longer than mine


    3. Hi CN

      Great to have another Chapter.

      Really addicted to the story now and look forward to the next post.

      My only problem is my Tibette heart which is not coping at all well with the Bette / Avery situation.

    4. CN:

      Great chapter. I understand the need for revenge, or justice in this case, in Bette, for the death of Shellie, it was devastating for her and for all her family.
      I think what infuriates Bette more is that Tina is in the opposite side of her; I don’t know if I’m misinterpreting, but Bette feels ‘something’ when Tina is close to her, especially when there is body contact, and that makes her feel guilty.
      I think that is in some way like ‘power struggle’ for her because I sense she loses a bit of her self-control in those encounters.
      I hope that situation, from which, I believe, Tina is ignorant, won’t affect Bette and her work.
      Thanks for the wonderful update. Looking forward to the next chapter.


      • P, you are not misinterpreting, Bette does lose herself a little when Tina is around, and that bothers her because she has a beautiful, loving wife waiting for her. Was Tina ignorant of the situation? The next chapter just might tell.

    5. Hi CN:
      Great chapter. I don’t know if I’m misinterpreting, but Bette feels ‘something’ when Tina is close to her, especially when there is body contact, and that makes her feel guilty. I sense she loses a bit of her self-control in those encounters. I hope that situation won’t affect Bette and her work.Thanks for the wonderful update. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    6. Great updates, thanks for revising. I had tried several times to read the beginning chapters but, just couldn get into the story. Afraid I must disagree with Zhenya, there can never be too many details, they make the story go, if you don’t know where you’ve been, then you surely won’t know where you are going. Bette just thinks she will not ruin her marriage over a Tina crush. Hope Tina is gay in this one and still remembers her crush as well. Their crushes couldn’t have been one-sided. Can hardly wait. Thanks for posting.

      • Dainty, I’m so relieved the revisions have pulled you into the story. While I didn’t originally envision this as a typical TiBette love story, I realized I needed to make a TiBette connection with the reader early on. Wouldn’t it be great if all of our crushes weren’t onesided? My life would have turned out so differently if that were true. The next chapter just might let us know if Bette’s crush was onesided or not.

    7. Great chapter and rewrite, CN! I even read the car crash scene again, even though I knew that I had to cry again when Bette witnessed her mother dying in agony.
      The idea of Bette and Tina already knowing each other at school gives their meeting now a kind of interwoven feeling. I’m curious how they will connect in the course of your story.
      I like your new characters, nice that you brought cop Eric back though. I guess we’ll meeting the Mexican brother from the cartel again soon.
      Lookng forward to the next posting, CN :)

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