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    Out of the Flames – Chapter Two (Revised)

    San Francisco, present day

    A plume of freshly heated air wafted down from the ceiling vent to warm the quiet, still bedroom, tickling the hairs on Bette’s arm as it rested atop the comforter. The sensation nudged her out of a peaceful sleep, and when she realized the furnace had fired up, she opened a single eye to gauge the time. It was still dark, which meant she had a little time before the morning alarm was set to go off.

    Bette scooted toward the center of the bed until she felt her breasts and knees slide up against the warm sleeping body lying next to her. She then tunneled her arm underneath the covers and snaked it around her wife’s torso, underneath her tank top, until her hand rested on a breast. She scooted even closer and gently massaged the supple flesh and started laying soft feathery kisses along her wife’s neck. She got the response she was hoping for; a faint, drawn-out moan. Bette then whispered into her ear, “Happy anniversary, Avery.”

    Avery turned slightly and craned her neck to toss her ruffled dirty blonde hair to the side, then softly replied, “Happy anniversary, Bette.” She then turned, facing her wife, entangled their legs, and shifted to press their bodies together. She grazed her fingertips down Bette’s cheek. “Love you.”

    “I…love…you,” Bette replied in an agonizing, low husky tone as she ran a hand up Avery’s leg, over her scantily clad bottom, and finally settling on her narrow, well-defined back. She pulled her body in tight.

    That body. Bette knew every inch of it; every curve, every blemish, every single flaw that made Avery so uniquely perfect to her. But it wasn’t just Avery’s toned bronze body that first attracted her; it was also the way she got all fired up when she felt slighted. Bette learned at their first encounter to never ever doubt her competency. Avery’s tongue could slice her to pieces one minute, but as she learned much later, as a lover, that same tongue could send her skyrocketing toward heaven the next.

    She began running her own tongue along Avery’s full, round lips, teasing them until they parted and invited her in. The taste of morning didn’t bother her. She savored every opportunity to sample the tongue that had so much power over her. When they finally touched, Bette shuttered all the way down to her toes and felt her inner walls begin to contract. Every part of her was revved up and ready to take and be taken.

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    1. Dear Friends and Readers,

      As promised, I’m back with the revised chapter two of my new book ‘Out of the Flames.’ I know I mentioned this when I posted Chapter One (Revised), but it’s worth mentioning again.

      For those of you with insomnia like I do, you’ll get this. After reading some of the comments on my original posts, I laid in bed and had trouble nodding off because I was running some of those thoughtful comments back in my head. Then I had a 2am epiphany: I needed to make one change regarding the little girl Bette talks to when we first meet her. Once I thought it through, I realized that one change would have a ripple effect throughout the entire story, which is why I pulled the first two chapters.

      Soooo, here’s Chapter Two, take two. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to go back and read Chapter One (Revised).

      I truly appreciate your patience while this old lady gets her act together. Thanks so much for reading.


    2. Hi CN:

      Very nice, I liked the former one, but this is much better. 👍

      It may be possible, from what I read, that the initial attraction of Bette for Avery, was due to her hidden memory of Tina’s features, her blonde hair, and her hazel eyes?

      Well whether it was, your tweak of this story is very good.
      I’ll wait eagerly for the next chapter

      Thanks for posting


      • P, you got it exactly. Bette’s initial attraction to Avery was due to her first schoolgirl crush on Tina. Imagine the conflict Bette must feel when she realizes that when her long-lost crush returns to her life.

    3. Hi CN,

      I loved this rewrite! Hmm, hazel eyes, blond hair and crush in junior high school. And she is back and ready to claim Bette it seems. The connection is already there.

      Bette is a good woman and oblivious deeply in love with Avery, she wouldn’t cheat on her. Like i said in my first comment, i think something is gonna to happen to Avery and maybe her daughter. And Tina is the one who helps Bette with her grieve, maybe guilt and nightmares.

      Excellent chapter as always CN!

      • Bibi, you’re right, Bette is a good woman and in love with her wife, but just imagine the conflict when she realizes her initial attraction was likely due to an unresolved schoolgirl crush, and that crush is back in her life. Just thinking about another woman romantically can send a good woman’s guilt into overdrive.

    4. Hm, ok Bette loves her wife, but what part of this love is because Avery just physical copy of Tina and remaind Bette about her school crush. And the second – what part of this love it’s just gratitute for helping Bette go through her parents death? I guess for now Bette don’t see it, but we’ll see how it be in the future. Maybe Tina and working with her will be a push which help B to think about it.

      Another part – i’d like to see why after her parents death Bette and Tina drift apart in school.

      And last – very unusually that man with name Eric – part of Bette life, not Tina’s.

      • Z, you have the complexities of Bette’s relationship with Avery down pat. This revision was so worth it. Bette and Tina drifted apart after the accident because Bette went to live with her grandmother across the bay in a different city, which meant different school. Twenty years ago, cell phones and the Internet were just babies, and social media didn’t even exist. It was inevitable that the two of them lost touch when Bette moved away.

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