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    Out of the Flames (Revised) – Bonus Scene

    Bonus scene: Here’s a glimpse into Bette’s life before it all changed with Avery and Tina.


    Ends of long tousled bleached-blond hair tickled Bette’s nose awake along with the rest of her. Her eyes fluttered open to a dark apartment bedroom furnished with only a dresser, the bed she had stretched across, and the naked blonde next to her. As she elongated her long legs across the mattress, the slickness between them reminded her of her predicament. Should she ignore her engorged ache or the words whispered into her ear right before falling asleep? She decided on neither.

    After a month of hookups, Bette thought Michelle knew the score—no commitments, no emotions, just sex. Saying I love you broke the rules. Maybe, she hoped, it was the heat of the moment or the alcohol talking, and they’d return to their unattached entanglement. If not, cutting her loose posed Bette’s only option but not before taking care of her immediate problem. She rolled to her side and admired the lithe naked body next to her one more time.

    Easy on the eyes, Bette couldn’t resist Michelle’s flirting from behind the bar at The Tap. Sure, she batted her eyes at men and women alike for bigger tips, but Michelle rarely followed through. A perfect challenge and scenario for Bette considering her curse. The accident and what followed taught her to let no one get close enough to love, or they’d die in fire. Real or not, she believed it. Bette kept everyone at arms-length, and Michelle fit the bill to quench her physical needs. Or so she thought.

    Last night, Michelle had pulled herself from between Bette’s legs, then nuzzled her head at the curve of Bette’s neck. When she whispered those three words, Bette panicked. If not for the waves of pulsating pleasure coursing through her core, Bette would’ve bolted from the room right then.

    Testing the waters, she ran a finger up the edge of Michelle’s leg, toned from hours tending bar, hoping that would be enough to wake her. When that didn’t work, she went for the gold. Dipping her hand between that leg and the other, she found the patch of short coarse hairs she’d maneuvered in and around just hours earlier.

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    1. Hi CN,

      Thanks for the little glimpse at Bette’s life!

      I would fall in love with Bette too ❤️

      Michelle knew what the deal was but fell anyway.

      Okay, back to work, i am a naughty girl to read under work time 😁

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