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    Out of the Flames (Revised) – Part Five

    Chapter Fifteen

    Bette braced herself for the tedious process of working this case off-book. It would take a considerable amount of time and resources, and require access to restricted law enforcement files and data systems. To pull this off, she’d have to go about her daily business working her official caseload. She’d have to collect every piece of information on Diego Rojas, Kiss, and Los Dorados with no one finding out.

    Bette waited in her car until Eric pulled into his usual section of the SFPD parking garage. She called him on his cell. “I’m in my car a few rows over. Let’s talk.”

    Moments later, Eric opened her passenger door and slid into the front seat. “Are we ready to do this?”

    “I am, but I don’t want your fingerprints on this.” As much as she appreciated everything he had done and would do for her, she needed to cut him out. If anyone risked their job to track down Diego’s burner phone, it would be her. “You’ve done enough by holding back Diego’s number. Many more rules need breaking, and I’ll be the one to do it. Tina and I can take it from here.”

    Eric didn’t appear happy about her decision, but his sigh signaled he understood it. “All right, but promise you’ll bring me in when you get close. I know Tina is good, but you know I’ll always have your back.”

    Considering Eric’s history and his reluctance to take a back seat, she respected him more for doing so. She stared him square in the eye. “I promise.”


    The SFPD law enforcement data system required a secure login and a criminal case number to conduct an information search. The system logged and tracked each search, so Bette had to be cautious. To ensure nothing linked back to Eric, she waited until he went into the field, then at her desk, sifted through the case files he had her catch up on.

    After picking one at random, she logged on and entered the case number. Keying in a few words, she started a reverse phone search for the different local area codes with the phone ending in 285-4421. She first tried area codes 415, 408, 510, and 650, the general locations of suspected Los Dorados’ labs.

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    1. This is by far for me one of the sweetest flowing Tibette stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

      Love the unhurried pace mixing flashbacks with the here & now.

      Looking forward to when the ladies will find themselves taking the next steps into their own “lovers world”

      • SG, only one more section to post next week, then I’ll dive right into the sequel. I’ll also post From the Ashes in large chunks to give you a good hour and a half of weekly reading pleasure for five weeks.

        • CN Thank you, look forward to next week and particularly to the sequel.
          Glad you had a good St Patrick’s I look forward to 23rd April – St George’s day!
          Keep writing my talented friend.

    2. Magnificent, here is a new part ! Dear Celia, I’m thrilled but will keep it for tonight – that’s how much I want to savour it the way it deserved. For it is, really, deeply, a magnificent work. I wish you a beautiful Sunday ! :-)

        • Poor Cella ! I’d be happy to be there and bring you some pain killers, really. I truly hope you’ll feel better tomorrow :-)
          Sooo, you’re Irish, my dear talented author ? I’d love to see any St Patrick’s Day celebration, one day.,, Here, even if my city – Geneva – is pretty international, we don’t seem to get any Irish, alas !
          Take great care of you – and please give all my warmest regards to your dog ;-) My cat agrees !

    3. “You remind me of Avery. Or did Avery remind me of you? The question confused her more. Did she fall in love with Avery or an echo of Tina?”, “So wrong, yet so right”…
      Dear Cella, there’s so much life in your characters, such an endearing way to depict complexity of human emotions : where will the guilt end and where hope can begin ? Only time will be able to erase all these dark shadows of pain, guilt and desire of revenge – and only time will slowly bring our dearest two closer…
      A deep friendship as a first step – you’re making such a great work creating this slow combustion…
      And I love also so much this magnificent relationship between Bette and Reagan, for there’s truly no need to be the biological mother to deserve to be called Mom. Very powerful…
      Finally, I cannot help despising those biggot Santoses !
      This novel of yours will never stop to amaze me, Cella… It’s a true masterpiece. Really it is.

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