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    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Bette lay on the large comfortable sofa in the living room, her eyes closed. Her doctor had given her an injection on arriving at the house. They had flown from San Diego directly to the house. Bette’s pain levels hadn’t eased on the four day tour of San Diego. At one point she could barely stand and this had started to worry Tina.

    Tina walked into the living room and took in Bette. she could see she was pale. All the travel and pain were taking its toll as well seeing Rosemary and Jeff. Tina walked over and sat down on the floor next to the sofa. She reached out and touched Bette’s face with the back of her hand.

    Bette opened her eyes and looked at Tina, she smiled softly.

    “How are you feeling?”

    “Like I can’t get up,” Bette admitted.

    “Well you don’t need to move yet. I need to take you for an MRI scan later.”

    “You do?”

    “Well who else is going to take you?”

    “Usually it’s my team,”

    “Usually? Was that pre Tina?” Tina asked,

    “Pre Tina?”

    “Yeah before me,”

    “Agh I get it, sorry I’m a little slow,”

    “I blame the pain killers,”

    “I will use that one,”

    “Listen Bette, I’m going to be your wife of course I’m taking you for the scan, okay a team of smartly dressed men and women come too but you know they go everywhere with you.”

    Bette smiled softly.

    “You’re a wonderful woman,”

    “I try,”

    Tina hated seeing Bette like this but she knew that they needed to get her fully checked out. They needed to know what was happening.

    Tina looked at her watch,

    “Right we better get you to the hospital.”

    “Okay, demanding much,” Bette said as with Tina’s help she sat up and then stood up.

    “I’m allowed to make demands of you.”

    “You’re the only one who is,” Bette said softly.

    “As it should be,” Tina smiled as she helped Bette out to the car, she had a feeling they were in for a long day and night.


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    1. Please please, i need the details as soon as possible!

      This is sad news for the President, how is it possible the surgery went wrong?

      And Dr.Baker, Bette should have fired her for her disrespectful tone and behaviour towards Tina, glad Bette made it very clear she won’t allow it and put her in her place.

      Please let Bette be ok!

    2. Totally agree with Bibi, I am loving this story.
      Tina should be by her side.
      Who does the Doctor think she is talking to Tina like that, what’s her angle?
      Good for the President, cutting her down to size, General or no General !!
      Can’t wait for more

    3. So Dr. Baker forgot that she serves at the pleasure of the POTUS. Did she have an affair with the First Lady too? Why do I get the impression that the staff may not be as loyal to Bette as she thinks? Why were these fragments missed after the fall? I am glad that Dr. Tina is there to make sure Bette’s best interests are kept. Lots of questions to be answered. Thank you UK! PPS

    4. Great chapter. Looks like General Baker may have a thing for the commander in chief, or she is just an a-hole. Bette needs to rectify that situation pronto in case there comes a time where she is not able to make decisions Tina will be allowed to make them for her. And she will not be shut out of any medical discussions in future. Thank you and please post soon.

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