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    Pain and Pleasure of it all.

    Bette reached out and gently tucked her wife’s hair behind her ear. Taking in her perfect woman, who was currently tied to a chair in the middle of the condo living room. Bette sat on the coffee table and looked at her wife, her lover, her pet and best friend.

    “What do you want?” Bette asked,

    “You,” Tina replied, her eyes closed,

    “No, no, pet. What do you want for this evening, our evening away from our normal lives.”

    Tina didn’t answer, it wasn’t like Bette to ask her. she took a deep breath. They had been together a long time now and she’d never asked for much, Bette had led the play.

    “Answer me,” Bette demanded.

    “I want you to use the paddle.”

    “You want me to spank you,” Bette smiled, they hadn’t really gone down the pain route because Tina hadn’t really expressed any liking for.


    “I want a little pain, I give birth naturally, I can do anything.” Tina replied.

    Bette smiled and slowly got up, she untied Tina and took her upstairs to the bedroom,

    “Strip and get onto all fours in the middle of the bed,” Bette demanded as she opened closet door of the ‘toy’ room.

    Tina did as was asked and got into position. Bette walked out and smiled, putting the butt plug, paddle and dildo onto the dresser, before walking over. She pulled out the long leather straps that were tied to the bed posts. She wrapped it around Tina’s wrists, making sure Tina was secured in place. She put a pillow under Tina’s hips. She picked up the lube and gently rubbed it around Tina’s ass, before picking up the butt plug and gently pushing it in.

    “What are your save words?” Bette asked as she picked up the paddle.

    “Green, Yellow and Red.” Tina lay her head looking to one side. her hands wrapped around the leather straps. She was ready for it.

    Bette took the first swing it handed square in the middle of Tina’s pale ass. Tina grunted. Moaning as the pain flowed through her body, she felt her knees going weak, for the first time in her life she enjoyed it. she enjoyed the feeling of pain that  went through her body. Bette had hit her five or six times, she could feel herself getting wet. The pleasure of the butt plug and the spanking.

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    1. UK. This story gets hotter by the page. My fingers are burning from tapping my iPad. I wish I knew where that BDSM club in Seattle was located. I am not that far away and can do the two hour drive.👍🏻 Thank you for updating this.

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