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    Painting, rest, sell


    Tina sat with her feet in the pool her mind was racing, she’s woken up in the middle of night having bad dreams which happened sometimes and now she was just sitting calming herself. She was nursing a cup of herbal tea. Watching the moon reflect in water as she moved her feet. She loved it. She slowly got up and went into the studio, not caring it was three in the morning. She turned the light on studio become light. She picked out a new canvas. Taking out her water colours. She started the paint what she had seen in the water. Painting the canvas, a dark blue and then scrapping away the paint to reflect the moonlight. She got lost in what she was doing, thinking about her art for the first time in days and not the hell she had recently been through.




    “Busy?” Bette asked as she walked into the studio, carrying a fresh cup of tea for her wife.

    Tina looked up and smiled at her wife, who looked relaxed dressed in jeans, a tank top with her hair up and out of her face.

    “I had an idea after a bad dream,” Tina said slowly,

    Bette put the mug down and walked around the table to see what her wife was working on. The piece was stunning, the canvas actually looked like the water in the pool and had the moonlight reflected it in perfectly. Bette gasped at it.


    “I’m taking it that’s good,”

    “Ti, it’s stunning.”

    “Thank you,” Tina smiled and yawned as she put her paint brush down.

    “How much sleep have you had babe?” Bette asked softly, reaching out and gently pushing a strand of hair out of her wife’s face.

    “Not much, I woke four or five times before I had the nightmare,”

    “Right you’re going back to bed, let that dry.”

    “Okay,” She didn’t protest. She knew she needed some sleep.

    Bette took her wife’s hand and led her out of the studio, closing the doors. Tina head upstairs and kicked of her shoes getting into bed, she curled up and closed her eyes. She slowly drifted off to sleep listening to Bette talking to one of Xavier’s nurses

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    1. Why doesn’t Bette block Jodi on her cellphone and get a restraining order.? Jodi is now harassing and stalking which will damage Tina’s already fragile psyche.

    2. So is this the end of Jodi? Would be nice but if Jodi would resort to blackmail as a means to get a show, then surely she would realize the consequences of failure? Why is it that people who pull nasty stunts never seem to consider the consequences of failure? Why is that they never do a cost verses benefit analysis and assess the risk? Jodi is willing to use what money she has to pay Candice rather than perhaps go to other cities and meet with other gallerist and pursue a show. In any endeavor in life, there is a chance it will not turn out the way you want. Smart people develop alternatives which do not destroy existing relationships and contacts which may be beneficial in the future. Its called burning the bridges when you don’t consider that. Bette will only tell friends and strangers that it is a mistake to deal with Jodi.

      I understand Tina’s desire to produce paintings. I do not understand her obsession with putting them out for sell as quickly as she produces them. Its like her desire is for public recognition and not expression of her inner being. Its not like Tina is in need of money. Far from it. So produce and selling immediately has some other message. Wonder what that is?

      Nice chapter…. Thanks….

    3. Sorry to hear you got some negative comments, let it not influence you to write this amazing story!

      Jodi did get a verbal slapping from Bette, time you stepped up Bette! Now i hope Jodi stays away from them.

      I wish i could see Tina’s paintings in real life.

      Great chapter ❤️

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