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    Painting together

    “B,” Tina walked into the house she was wearing baggy cargos and baggy t-shirt.

    “What’ the matter?” Bette asked as she put the last plates into the dishwasher.

    “Are you busy?”

    “No really, Jason is with Xavier,”

    “Change into a messy clothes,”

    “Messy clothes?”

    “Yeah, please,” Tina said smiling.


    Bette smiled and went upstairs. She came back down in baggy yoga pant and a tank top.

    “Come with me, “ Tina took her wife’s hand and walked out into the studio, in the middle of the floor was a large canvas with paints out around it.

    “What are we doing here?” Bette said slowly.

    “I want us to paint together.”

    “I don’t paint.”

    “Babe,” Tina looked at her wife. “Please just give this a chance.”

    Bette nodded, she didn’t like being messy. It never bothered her that Tina was messy. She watched as Tina walked over and picked up a paint brush and passed it too her. Bette took it. Watching as Tina picked up another and started painting Bette watched her wife for a moment, before dipping the brush into paint and she started in a far corner.

    “You can be bolder,” Tina said smiling,


    “Like this,” Tina flicked the paint across canvas which managed to hit Bette’s arm

    “Hey,” Bette flicked the paint back leaving a lovely shade of purple across the canvas.

    “That’s better,”

    “You’ve got paint on me,”

    “I know B.” Tina flicked the paint again, hitting Bette’s pants.

    “Hey, c’mon woman.” Bette said laughing.

    The studio was filled with laughter, the two women laughing and throwing paint everywhere. Working together. They moved around the massive canvas, the paint flying around the room. Leaving a lovely trail long the canvas. It took them about an hour before they stopped both breathless from the painting and laughing.

    “I’ve never seen you that messy,” Tina grinned, looking at her wife.

    “I’m covered in paint but I love the painting.”

    Bette looked at the painting.

    “It’s a Kennard Porter,” Tina smiled.

    “It was amazing fun,” Bette said. as she put the paint brush down.

    “I want us to have more fun,” Tina said.

    “We’ve not laughed like that in a long time,” Bette walked over and wrapped her arms around her wife.

    “I love you,”

    “I love you too,” Bette laughed, “What you naming this piece.”

    “Laughter,” Tina said softly. Looking at the colour piece they had managed to create. “I’ll have to leave it lay down to dry if we lift it the paint will drip,”

    “That would look good,” Bette said,

    “You want me to drip the paint.”

    “Yeah, help me,”

    They walked together to lift up the canvas, putting it against the wall. Watching as the paint dripped down. Merging in.

    “We need to leave it to dry,” Tina said,

    “Well, I could do with a shower and a hug from our son.” Bette said smiling.

    “You want the shower first?”

    “Yeah, you know me so well.” Bette grinned, they closed up the studio. Heading inside. They went upstairs and Tina went straight to Xavier while Bette went to shower. Tina smiled as she picked up her son and took him into their room. He was happy, Tina kissed him and lay him onto the bed, she lay beside him, tickling his tummy. He kicked his feet and grinned up at his mom. He reached up his hands and touched his mothers’ face. She smiled at him.

    “I love you little man,” Tina whispered. She heard the shower shut off and Bette walked out in her towelling robe. Her hair tied back.

    “Hey little man,”

    Xavier turned his head towards Bette and smiled, kicking his feet. They swapped places. Tina headed into the bathroom and showered while Bette got into bed. Sitting with Xavier leaning against her legs as they played together.

    Tina walked out in shorts and tank top, grinning at her wife.

    “Comfortable there?”

    “we are, are you joining us”? Bette asked,

    Tina got into bed next to her wife and rested her head against Bette’s shoulder. This felt like the perfect family time.

    “Do you feel better now you’ve showered?” Tina asked,

    “Yes, I had fun, but I can be done without being messy,”

    Tina smiled. Kissing her wife’s neck.

    “I love you so much,”

    “I love you too,” Bette grinned “I love you too little man,”

    Tina kissed then both, before snuggling up completed and enjoyed her evening with her family.


    1. Excellent! Great family activity. I imagine it will be a good painting when it dries. Bette might not paint but she has a great aesthetic eye. Wonder if Peggy would buy it if she learned there was a painting out there by both of them. Or Kelly? I sense a future bidding war.

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