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    Part Two: The Final

    “Hey, what took so long?” Bette asked as Tina sat back down next to her in the booth.

    “The line,” Tina replied as she sat down and took a sip of her Manhattan. “Are you guys still talking about what’s considered cheating?”

    “Tina…how the hell are you with this woman? I mean I know you two are soulmates and all but I don’t know how you deal with this.” Alice said exasperated.

    “Deal with what?” Bette asked offended. “Look, I think you are blowing kissing and touching out of proportion.”

    “I am not.”

    “Yes you are. Tee? Help?”

    “I already said that I agree with Alice on this one. I think kissing and touching in a sexual manner regardless of dirty dancing is considered cheating.”

    “Tee, it’s just kissing!” Bette exclaimed.

    Before Bette could continue to talk, Alex strolled up to Tina’s table.

    “Oh shit, TK. Hottie is starin’ you down and comin’ in,”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “Hey there,” the deep voice that Tina knows so well comes from behind her. Tina turned around and looked at Alex.

    “Hey,” Tina says gently.

    “I’ve haven’t seen you ‘round here before.”

    “You sure about that?”

    “Oh, trust me I would have remembered you,” Alex says with a wink.

    Bette just stares in shock. ‘Who the fuck is this woman?’ she thought.

    “Oh would you have?” Tina replies…finding the platonic flirty relationship that she and Alex have always had.

    Shane looks at Bette trying to gauge her reaction but all Shane can see is Bette staring coldly…particularly at the tall hot brunette talking to Tina.

    “Well this is getting interesting…”Tasha whispers to Alice.

    “Shhhh…” Alice shushes her girlfriend. “I’m trying to watch.”

    “Oh, I most definitely would have remembered you. I’m Alex, by the way.”


    “Well, Tina…how about I buy you a drink?” Alex asked while still completely ignoring Bette and the rest of the girls.

    “You know what? … sure, I’d like that,” Tina replied.

    Bette, in a complete state of shock and not knowing what to do, just stares as Tina put her hand in Alex’s and stands up.

    Tina turned around the looked at the group then narrowed her eyes at Bette. “Let’s test out this theory, huh?” She smiled sweetly and let Alex lead her to the bar.

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    1. I knew Bette would freak outbut, her passive reaction shocked me. I thought she would have started kicking a__ and taking names later. Really happy she did not act like a neanderthal and embarass herself and Tina. Enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing and posting. Now can we get you to change your mind about …. Country Girl? Thanks again.

    2. Lesson learned the hard way! Alex should be aware that a simple touch or hug is out of the way for a real long time.

      Loved the little story.

      Any chance we can make reconsider to start updating Country Girl?

    3. Ok, thanks for this part, but:

      Bette:”After my track record” – we all know about Bette cheating, but what about Tina fidelity?

      Tina cheating Eric with Bette ( we don’t know about sex between them while T was with Eric but kissing is cheating too, right Tina?), then she cheatind Helena with Bette, then she cheating Bette with cybersex with cyberguy and then trying cheating her again almost fucking with Josh.

      So, i don’t get in why in B&T relationship only Bette must always apologies for her behavior and Tina always innocent part?

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