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    Party and Bullshit

    About an hour later, Bette walks into the living room wearing jeans and a loose fitting blouse with a few buttons undone, showing off just enough cleavage. She decided to finish the outfit off with a pair of heels. Shane is sitting on the sofa playing with her phone, she glances up and smiles at Bette.

    Bette: What?

    Shane slides her phone into her pocket and shrugs.

    Shane: Nothing, I just forgot you actually put on a pair of heels every so often.

    Bette smiles and winks at Shane.

    Bette: Well, you gotta switch it up on them every now and then.

    Shane stands up and extends her arms out to her side.

    Shane: Not me, skinny jeans and a t shirt is all I need.

    Bette laughs and nods her had.

    Bette: Fair enough.

    Next, Dana walks into the room dressed casual much like Shane and Bette. Bette looks past Dana and stares down the hall. Dana glances back and then looks at Bette in confusion.

    Dana: What are you looking for?

    Bette:(smirks) Your shadow.

    Shane laughs as she walks over to Bette and Dana.

    Shane: The loudest shadow I’ve ever encountered.

    Dana: Very funny, guys.

    Bette walks closer to Dana.

    Bette: So you’re truly happy with….

    Tonya: With what?

    Tonya walks into the room with a sweater thrown across her arm.

    Bette: Nothing

    Tonya smiles as she walks over and fusses over Dana’s clothes.

    Tonya: Oh, please by all means don’t let me interrupt bonding time between old friends. Just pretend I’m not here.

    Shane sighs and walks away.

    Shane: If only it were that easy.

    Tonya: What was that?

    Shane: I said I wish everybody else would hurry up.

    Bette looks down at the watch on her arm.

    Bette: Yeah they better hurry or we won’t be going anywhere.

    Tonya: Sweetheart, I’m bringing a sweater. It could get a little chilly this evening.

    Bette: We’re in the Virgin Islands not Alaska, Tonya.

    Dana: I think I’ll be okay, honey.

    Tonya smiles and taps Dana’s nose with her index finger.

    Tonya: Now now, let your girlfriend/manager worry about that.

    Bette shakes her head and looks down at her watch again. Carmen walks into the room wearing tight jeans and a midriff shirt that shows off her abs.

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    1. Wow amazing two wonderful stories in one night and this last one is the one I like the most, the flirting between Bette and Tina, the memories from school, and the untold reminiscences, I like this a lot. Please update soon. Thanks for this exciting chapter.

    2. I absolutely love this story! And 40 pages, you made my day!

      I love the banter between the girls and mostly how B&T interact with each other.
      There are still so much feelings between them, and Tina is a fool to think that they are only destined to be friends only.

      Is it correct that it was Tina who decided to break of their relationship? Damn fool, but they were young and now adults, let them work it out. Sam sounds as a nice woman, but Tina is not in love with her.

      Okay, i will wait patiently for the next chapter!

      Thank you for the update!

    3. Wonderful 40 great pages !!

      Can only say Ditto Ditto to the above Comments, thank you for this great Chapter and plead with you to post again as soon as possible and please before 2 months have passed.

      Thanks beg – Love the story, love the banter pps

    4. Thank you so much for this great update. As a NSYNC FAN FOR LIFE I feel for Alice; I thought JC was gonna be the breakout star (lol). So who is Bette texting with? I believe her when she says she’s not dating anyone, but something is going on? Way to leave us with a cliffhanger😤 please post soon…. like real soon. How about today,? 😀

    5. So happy to see an update from you, I just love your stories!

      The tension between Bette and Tina is just intense, it’s obvious they still are MORE THAN FRIENDS or BOTH want to be with the other. Tina and her 20 questions to try and figure out if Bette is with someone, trying not to show her jealousy. Shane called her on her saltiness when she thought Bette and Carmen hooked up. WHY, did Tina breakup with her…???? The build up to the infamous TALK that cause the break has already become a story in this story. Leigh is definitely someone that Tina don’t like Bette around and she seems to like getting Tina all riled up because she knows she can.

      Teenage Tina chasing Helena too funny and Alice being tutored by Bette after all the hell they put her through…too funny to even imagine. Love how young Bette didn’t take any shit from them and held her own! Leigh and Helena are a great support for her. The Rat Pack was some horrible kids.

      Bette end up being Alice’s Best Girl in her wedding…they have come a mighty long way!

      The DANCE was pretty hot and sexy, they both were feeling it and somebody taped it. Tina’s on girlfriend damage control with Sam. Jealousy is probably coming with Tina/Sam and Bette/Leigh!

      Can’t wait to hear the rest of THEIR story and Alice always see herself in such a bigger light than what is the truth! Crazy Alice.

      Thank you for the update, look forward to the next installment!

    6. I’m enjoying the non-linear layers of this tale that’s really a twofer. I admire an author who is able to seamlessly transition between the two stories. More bang for the reader’s buck, that’s for sure. Very Tarantino-esque minus the violence.

      You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, and I’m buckled in with a bucket of popcorn. Can’t wait until all the nuances in this story are fully developed. (Like “the talk” and the “post-talk playlist.” Although I think it’s a safe bet that there are no N*SYNC jams on it.) Keep up the good work!

    7. 40 chapters Wow!
      Still has a large energy
      flows between Bette and Tina are two magnets that attract and
      I believe that soon they will not be able to resist.
      This story and excellent.
      The entire constellation.

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