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    Perfect For Me

    French Quarter: Wednesday: 11 AM

    “Why the fuck would you do that?” Shane asked, shaking her head in disappointment as she looked at Alice. “That wasn’t your decision to make, Al.”

    Alice bit her lower lip as she shrugged, “I just didn’t want Bette to get hurt.”

    “Oh no?” Shane asked, sipping on her cappuccino. “What do you call her now?”

    Alice leaned back in her seat; her neck stretching along the backside. “I know… But I really thought that what I did would help… or at least,” the blonde shook her head, “I don’t know- make it more bearable for her.”

    “Really?” Shane asked, arching her brow. “Let’s see- she meets a girl who she actually really likes, they’re together during their free time, she literally tells you that she doesn’t want to not see her…and what do you do?”

    Alice shook her head, “listen, Bette said she knew she would get hurt… I didn’t want her too.”

    “Al, she is hurting now,” Shane said, trying to reason with the blonde. “She thinks this woman who promised her they would see each other again just cut her off when in actuality, you interfered and told this Tina chick- using Bette’s phone- to leave her alone.”

    “Listen, if Tina really cared about Bette, she would have done everything in her power to try and get a hold of her,” Alice said, crossing her arms across her chest. “And she didn’t so…”

    “Or,” Shane interrupted, narrowing her eyes at Alice, “she respects Bette enough to listen- the only problem being that Bette wasn’t the one who sent that text.”

    “Things will be fine, later,” Alice said, looking out the window of the café, “I mean… we’ll go back home, Bette will probably fuck Lauren out of anger, and things will go back to normal.”

    “Alice, do you hear yourself when you speak?” Shane asked, kicking her under the table. “You need to tell Bette what happened… did it ever cross your mind that they might see each other or something? Doesn’t Bette know where Tina lives?”

    Alice chewed on her bottom lip, “fuck.”

    “Yeah,” Shane nodded, “you gotta tell her.”

    Alice took a deep breath as she continued to stare blankly out the window, “I really fucked up.”

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the update!

      Ok, good to read that Alice told about what she have done with Bette phone. I don’t figure yet about Daise – she seem strange. If she interesting in Tina?
      And of course still waiting NC-17 between Tibette)

    2. Thanks for the update, Kylie. I’m hooked to this story. Unusual but I have a thing for the witchcraft theme, supernatural, etc. So, please, please more :-)
      I’m curious how you’ll continue with T + B. Doesn’t look like a together forever ending ;-)

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      I’m glad that Shane told Alice to come clean and tell Bette what she done.
      But i must say Tibette taking it very slow, maybe they need to hurry)
      Waiting for the new update!

    4. ok. just have to say, WHO and where will the line be drawn when either bette or tina has to make that choice? and i am getting the feeling Shane has a play in this somehow and somewhere. i have always appreciated Shane being the one with the bettre head on her shoulders, the one with the most wisdom. maybe Shane is the LA connection between the war between the two families.

      as for alice, seriously i would love to be given just one brief moment to smack her upside her head for just being too damned nosey and a general pest all around. i get people “need” friends like alice to keep life on a rolling adventure ride, but this time, there is no forgiving. i do agree that friends should have each other’s backs but this time, what alice did, cannot be forgiven. as long as others continue to forgive alice’s antics and allow her to do what she does, makes them no better than she herself. be careful alice. playing with a coven’s emotions do not sit or carry well with others. you could be gotten rid of for just being tedious and an all-around pain in too many asses. from what alice did do, how will this affect tina’s relationship with bette and can the new fracture between tina and bette be repaired now that tina knows bette’s feelings on the magic’s?

      again, a story well told. thank you for taking the time to share. still binging on AHS. just finished watching the morgue storyline of patching the boy parts together to create one dead person back to life. creepy but interesting. cannot wait to read more on this adventure to see what the outcome will be for all. cannot wait to see where Shane fits in on all of this.

    5. Thank you.. Thank God for Shane as and Tina are cute together..they just have to work out in some way..I know there is so much more to come just please be a happy ending.. And I’m surprised as much making out they haven’t made love yet..maybe before Bette leaves. Anyways waiting for next post thanks again.

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