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    Personal Space

    Tina had woken early as usual, leaving Bette sleeping she had had gone downstairs and smiled when she had seen all Bette’s friends were sleeping spread out across the living room floor. She took out a small bottle of orange juice, opening the back doors letting the fresh morning country air into the house, she walked over to the studio, opening the doors. she walked around opening the blinds and letting the morning sun into the large space.

    Tina set up a new canvas and some brightly coloured paints, she’d had a dream during the night that had been filed with bright colours and she wanted to reflect this in a new piece. She dipped her fingers in the paint and slowly started to slowly paint onto the canvas. She was lost in painting when she got the feeling she was being watching, she looked up to the door and saw Shane, her eyes still filled with morning sleep, her hair a mess smiling at her.

    “Hi,” Tina said softly.

    “Hi, sorry I wasn’t sure if I could come in. I know you like your space,”

    “Only Bette usually comes in here,” Tina said softly “But please come in,”

    Shane walked in, looking at the large space that was filled with all the materials that any artist would need.

    Tina slowly finished the bit she was doing as Shane sat on another stool near her bench.

    “Do you always wake this early?”

    “Yeah, Bette finds it strange that I’m up so early all the time. I don’t sleep too well.”

    “I can understand that,” Shane smiled. “I’m in ore of your talent,”

    “You shouldn’t be, I’m just lucky that I’m finally making money at what I’m good at. When my parents died I bought this land and put the rest away. I didn’t want to live off their money. I’ve not had your past, I know, I’m lucky. But I wanted to make this work.” Tina smiled.

    “I think you have your show was sell out I believe,”

    “Yeah, Bette wants to talk about money. I don’t. I don’t want our business and personal life to mix.”

    “Money can ruin relationships,”

    “Yeah, I don’t have a manager or a team around me to help me with this stuff. I’ve done it all alone. Meeting Bette has changed my life.”

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    1. Not surprised that it is Shane who is allowed in Tina’s studio. Shane is a wonderful friend.

      2.3 million, oh wow!!!! That is awesome!

      No need to do group shows, but only the one she likes! Amazing!

      Thanks for the update!

      I hope your day was better today than yesterday. Take care!

    2. Great update. Shane is a good person, troubled, but with a good heart ❤️! What a great profit for Tina and her first solo show. When she was talking about the Italy show I wondered if Jodi had something in the works, trying to take her down. I am hoping you are having a better day. Keep your chin up, you are a great writer.

    3. Wow…. what a great show for Tina. I love how Bette guides her with the facts – she is telling Tina that she can make her own decisions and is in a position to be a little more demanding of galleries who want her work to display. At this point, someone requesting only four pieces would hardly be worth the effort. And if the gallery requesting the work is totally unfamiliar with your work, well that would be a definitive NO.!

      I would think from the very beginning that Tina and Shane would become good friends. Shane being sensitive to those who have trouble in social settings and are perhaps socially challenged. Shane herself has some social challenges. They are kindred spirits in a way. And in no way will Shane’s friendship interfere with the love bond which is growing within Tina for Bette.

      Thanks for this chapter… really lovely.

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