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    Bette walked into the studio at the bottom of the garden. She rested against the door as Tina lay out a number of black and white photographs onto the counter, Tina had her hair up in a messy bun and was wearing a lose fitting shirt and jeans, every bit the artist. She was very deep in thought.  Bette walked In and put the bottle of water onto another table. She looked at the photos on the counter. Photos of Tina’s burnt out house and garage. Bette knew that Tina had gone back recently but she hadn’t released that she had taken her camera with her. Bette picked one up, it showed a painting burned into the wood from the garage. it was an amazing photograph. Bette knew her woman was very talented.

    “These are amazing,” Bette put the photo back ground.

    “Thank you, I thought I could use them in the show as a piece called Ashes.”

    “one piece?”

    “Yes, I have a plan for that canvases.” She pointed to a massive canvases against the far wall which had she had already painted black with grey thrown in now and again.

    Bette walked over and looked at it, it looked like ash has been thrown at it. The piece was taking shape.

    “You’re just so fucking talented Tina. I hate that you’ve lost so much work but it’s but a fire under your ass,” Bette turned. “I’m so proud of you, I can’t wait to show your work in the gallery.”

    Tina grinned. She loved how passionate Bette was about her work.

    “Thanks, erm,”

    “What is it?” Bette asked

    “The insurance money has come through today. If you want me to leave…”

    “Leave?” Bette looked confused. “Why would I want you to leave?”

    “Well I thought this was just a temp arrangement while I waited for the money to rebuild the house and studio,”

    “Do you want to leave?” Bette asked, scared of the answer she could get. she was getting very used to living with Tina, she loved it in fact she was deeply in love with this woman and she was scared that Tina really didn’t feel the same.

    “No,” Tina said honest.

    Bette let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding.

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    1. Claire is seriously sick, a nutcase! Tina must press charges against her so that she will get either locked up or get help but in a closed department for people with mental health problems.

      Bette will do everything to protect and help Tina.

      Tina is very talented and her show in Bette’s gallery will be a great success.

      Thank you for the update!

    2. Claire is a nut case. She needs to move back to where ever she came from. Of course that is after she serves her time for arson and assault.

      If I were Tina, I would go ahead and take the insurance money and rebuild the house which was burned down. That is going to take several months if not a year. Once it is complete, and if things a are still going well with Bette, then I would sell the house and put the money away for future needs. Or in the alternative, rent it out. That will provide a monthly income in the event the her art does not produce the income she needs. Concentrate on producing my art for this show. And if thing go as Bette anticipates, there will be a whole lot of demand for Tina’s art work and she can make a reasonable living and contribute to the living expenses of living with Bette. Of course, if things not go well with Bette, she can rent a place until she can evict her tenant and then move into the house.

      Tina is beginning to really fall in love with Bette. I would like to see more of their interactions between the two – causal conversations over dinner or sitting in the living room talking about art or previous life or their hopes and dreams. Tina is so shy. I would like to know what her upbringing was like, what her college life was like. Maybe Tina would like to know why or what inspired Bette to be a gallery owner, what her family is like, what her life was like prior to Tina moving in.

      Thanks for the update…. look forward to more.

    3. Seems that this Claire with every move will do task for her future lawyer (or civil lawyer if she doesn’t have any money) more and more difficult. Or she just completely crazy.

    4. Wow, I am amazed Claire could hide such strong feelings for Tina before she met Bette. She has some serious issues that will be hard to defend unless declared mentally unfit. Bette and Tina need to move beyond the attacks from Claire and establish a foundation for a future together. So many of the Tibette stories revolve around drama, illness, or parental involvement. Yes, these things are what hook readers but so does the romantic background stories that happen as couples get to know each other. So maybe a little more drama and a lot more romance! I enjoy this story…but want more about bonding.

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