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    Pinky Promise?

    Chapter 19

    Raleigh, North Carolina – September 17, 1980

    “Ken?” Delia whispered, knocking gently on the window pane as she balanced herself on the tree branch, “Hello?”

    Squinting her dark eyes into the window, she saw the outline of Tina sitting on the floor of the bathroom tiles; hunched over. Knocking against the window glass, she saw Tina’s head jerk as the blonde looked towards her bedroom window.

    “Kenny?” Delia half yelled half whispered to the blonde. “Your window is locked…”

    Getting up from the floor, Tina quickly brushed away the tears that stained her cheek with her hoodie. Looking briefly at her reflection in the mirror, she turned around and shut the bathroom door.

    Quickly unlocking her bedroom window, she watched as Delia hopped inside, “hey.”

    “What’s wrong?” Delia asked, seeing the tear marks on the blonde’s still red cheeks.

    “Nothing,” Tina shrugged as she got into her bed. “What are you doing here?”

    Delia cocked her head to the side, “come on, Kenny. I’m your best friend; I know when something is wrong.”

    Tina bit her lower lip as she tucked herself under her bedcovers, “it’s nothing. Promise.”

    “I don’t believe you,” Delia shook her head as she climbed over Tina and got herself tucked under the covers as well. “Why don’t you tell me?”

    “Because…” Tina whispered, staring into the moonlight that is reflecting off her bedroom mirror.

    Delia watched as a stray tear escaped from the blonde’s eye, “Ken?” she whispered, wrapping an arm around the blonde.

    “You know Coach Ryan?”

    Delia furrowed her brow as she tried to match the name to a face, “Your soccer coach? The sleezy nitwit?”

    “Sleezy nitwit?” Tina asked, confusion masking her nine-year-old features.

    Delia shrugged, “I don’t know what it means. I just heard my mom say it once.”

    Tina nodded as she leaned back into the pillows that rested around her.

    “So…” Delia trailed off, “What’s up with Coach Ryan.”

    Tian bit her lower lip as she looked down at her hands and started to pick her nails, “he um…he touched me.”

    Delia sat next to Tina, confused, “what do you mean? Like during practice? Kenny, he is your coach.”

    “No,” Tina’s blonde wavy hair bounced. “No, I mean…after practice 2 weeks ago. Mom was late picking me up, so he sat with me.”

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    1. I understand almost all Tina’s college on her site, but let’s not forget one thing – Bette never lied to Tina. Even when she had afair with Candace and Tina only saw them touching hands – she didn’t denied her afair. She always could said it’s only flirt, but she didn’t.
      But this Tina lied Bette all her life – about her past.
      So maybe there it’s not Bette need to be in dog house now?
      And maybe Bette it’s time to find her own dignity again and stop grovel before everyone in this story.

      • Tina never lied-technically. She just never disclosed the information. Kind of like Bette never disclosing the affair until she was caught.

        Bette’s only in the doghouse because of how the video came about. We will have to see how Tina is able to deal with it later on.

        Bette Porter doesn’t grovel.- she hasn’t grovelled at all during the story. She has only been the woman who did have to struggle with accepting this part of Tina, but Tina has never forced it upon her once. Bette has just been the concerned partner because the love of her life has gone missing and could have ended up dead. I don’t really see any of that as groveling, but to each their own.

        • Of course Tina lied. I’m sure that when they talking about their past, their family, where they studied – Tina lied because she needs to fill the gaps which include her government services

          • we never, unfortunately, saw the true beginning between bette and tina. i even suggested in an earlier chapter that tina purposely didn’t talk about it with bette-she avoided the conversation. i’m not bashing bette in anyway but both of them avoided telling each other things until it was too late-but they have always been able to pull through so i guess we’ll just have to see.

    2. Whew!

      Well a team of professionals who examine evidence all the time, including video evidence, and a woman who works as an executive in the movie industry, they would understand video angles and whatever else. Those people would easily, very easily, see how misleading and stupid the video is. Like, Tina knows what Bette eating someone out looks like by now, right? ;)

      However, right after burying another of their colleagues who was killed, no one’s taking the time to use their common sense because emotions are running high and they’re grieving. Poor Will.

      Why didn’t Bette tell Tina about the existence of the video and Kelly drunkenly coming on to her? Fear, plain and simple. The same question could be asked about why Tina felt the need to keep people that meant so very much to her, for so much of her life, a complete and separate secret for so long. Lies of omission, Tina’s got a lot of them. Bette has one. They both have hurt each other immensely with them.

      Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t.

      Tina’s friends and work colleagues from her formerly hidden life are very interesting. But you’d think, if they meant that much to Tina, she’d want to share them with Bette as she shared them with Angie, so they’d become important to Bette, too. The way Bette did with her group of friends, even though Alice was a recent ex, and they all became important to Tina… because they weren’t hidden. But Tina didn’t. Bette, or anyone else in their friend group, wasn’t really given the choice in that matter by Tina, even though Tina kept seeing them and introducing her group to Angie and everything else.

      Bette keeps shouting about how she and Tina have a daughter together. I can see why she’s doing it. All of these new people have this “claim” to Tina’s deep, abiding, and until recently, very secret affection… and they’ve had it for years, while Bette was unaware.

      Most people would feel threatened about their place in their partner’s life if their partner, after a decade of being together on and off, had suddenly sprung all of these people they’ve regarded as best friends and family and who they’ve kept in regular contact with, out of the woodwork. They’d wonder, “”hy have these people that mean so much to the woman I love, to our daughter, been kept a secret?” And that the people who are new, to them, have about a million ongoing injokes and little connections and know all these things that their partner hasn’t told them? And then you find out that these people know all about you, but you haven’t been extended the same courtesy? It’s a lot.

      It’s not a stretch to see why someone would feel hurt, insecure, a bit foolish, and just… left out, and why, when someone like AJ is kind of aggressively up in Bette’s face asking why Bette doesn’t like her, well…

      No, it doesn’t excuse Bette hitting AJ. But Bette’s under no obligation to like these relative strangers that have been thrust into her life, who knew all about her, but she didn’t know anything about them in turn. But she did try. Sometimes, you pick up on things… you don’t like the energy people exude, you don’t like the way they look at your partner. You don’t need special government training to see when someone you’ve just met, and who’s been kept a secret for a long, long time, has been uncomfortably close with your partner. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      Regardless of the group, there’s still a lot Tina hasn’t shared with Bette, and you have to ask… why?

      It’ll all be sorted out, hopefully. Trained professionals, as they keep saying, can’t be this dense about what Bette, or anyone in Bette’s position, would be feeling, and and they would take a second look at that idiotic, misleading video taken at a crappy perspective by a very short woman. Greyson seems to have a little sense, but… I don’t know. Maybe once everyone has slept and they have their injuries dealt with and they take care of their fallen, they’ll piece things together.

      Other than that… this is a very gripping story. I’m glad the UnSub is dead, at last.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • You’re completely right with just about everything that you wrote!

        Each time I’m writing a character, I feel the need to get into their shoes.

        For Bette, it is completely understood why she would feel the way that she does. She barely knows these people who have known Tina for; well, a long time. These people have been with Tina from the very start-and they have a long history with the blonde. Additionally, they know things about Bette, yet she doesn’t know too much about them. To feel excluded and lash out is pretty acceptable when she is overwhelmed with emotions about the situation and feeling excluded.

        For Tina, she just witnessed one of her closest friends be murdered in front of her eyes. She felt helpless and then was suddently thrown for a loop when a grainy video was played in front of her. Which, at first glace, looks like Bette is going down onto Kelly-who Tina has already said that she felt jealous towards. With emotions running high, not many people are looking at the bigger picture.

        The team, who have all been close to Tina, see that she is hurting and again, at first glance, seems that Bette is one of the causes. When I write the teams’ dialogue, I get into the mind of a close friend. I personally, would do a lot for my friends and if I see they are hurting-that hurts me. So AJ, Ivy, Benny, Rob…when they see the video-it just shows that Tina is hurt.

        They both have secrets-Tina does have a hell of a lot more than Bette-for sure! Bette never told Tina that Kelly started to make advances. She didn’t tell her about the night Kelly came over. She didn’t tell her about the video, and this was the consequence. Tina didnt tell Bette about the team, her old job, or her old demons-that consequence leaves Bette feeling a bit left out of the loop and completely blindesided. Both will affect their relationship in the end.

        Once things begin to get settled-hopefully the team, including Bette, are able to look at things from a more logically standpoint. Perhaps, much more questions will come up, and be answered!

        Thank you for reading the story and I’m glad you find it gripping.

    3. It is pretty sad how this group turns on Bette in the name of supporting Tina. Yes, she’s been tortured, and witnessed unspeakable things that will haunt her for life including the deaths of people close to her that died because some psycho wanted revenge. However the psychological trauma is not just affecting Tina. Bette’s in trouble too, and it’s time someone was looking out for her. Maybe it’s time to go back to Los Angeles, take Angie with her and have her own family to have her back. Kit, Shane, Alice even Helena are better to be around than these people that think the world revolves around Tina. I get they are close and they share horrors others may not understand but it’s a bit cultish to me and weird as everyone is an outsider. I commend Bette for holding it together as well as she has and now with Tina turning away from her she can’t even be allowed to fall apart. Hope Del makes it because it sounds like Tina will kill herself and leave her child for this woman. Pretty intense relationship and too many secrets to be healthy.

    4. I agree with BAT2012. I personally don’t like the direction this story has taken, especially for Bette. This story had twists and turns that were not easy for me to follow. Anyway I hope that Bette goes back to LA ASAP! I hope that Tina gets the hell out of BAU and gets some serious psychiatric help as she desperately needs it. Kylie-I hope you can clean this mess up that you gave us and give little. Angie a normal and stable set of mothers. I would be pleased then. Thank you

    5. Incredibly thought provoking. Both have committed sins of omission. I think what Tina has just gone through makes it difficult for her to quickly process what she saw in the video. She’s been through a harrowing experience. The UnSub got into her head. On the other hand, it’s difficult from Bette’s perspective to be thrust into Tina’s other life and be expected to readily accept all that comes with it. Both have to have a certain level of trust in each other and this is brought from both sides. Tricky situation.

    6. I posted a Comment earlier which seems to have been swallowed into the ether!

      Wow! I am so in agreement with most of the comments particularly those of Andie87, BAT2012 and Jane.

      I also think that to have kept all of this other life a Secret from Bette would have meant Tina telling her an awful lot of lies!

      I also find it strange that Tina does not seem to care about the effect this will all have on Angie which is so not a good side to her character.

      I don’t like AJ! I’m also finding it really hard to like Tina at the moment!

      Looking forward to your next post to see what you have in store for my emotions then!

      Thanks for posting

    7. Okay, I definitely felt all of the emotions coming through in this chapter! This was a hard one to stomach.

      I find it super interesting that Bette says “I should be the one risking my career for her. My life for her. Not you guys,” when she was so adamant to be making the decisions for Tina already before they found her and yet still focused on her and Tina’s life back in L.A. In the beginning of this story Bette was more submissive towards Tina and now it feels like she’s definitely trying to be in control again.

      I can see why Tina is keeping so much from Bette, because with a past like that you lose a lot of self-worth, but it’s becoming detrimental because Bette still doesn’t know her like the others do and I feel like it will take something drastic for Bette to realize just how much they have all been through together to see why they would die for each other in a heartbeat. (I totally thought Bette was going to learn that the hard way through the UnSub somehow getting to her but I guess he’s finally toast!)

      I could say so much but I truly have no idea which direction this story could go now. They have a lot of work to do unfortunately and I don’t think therapy alone is going to solve it! Thanks for the post as always!! That turned into a horrific SAW film real fast (I’ve never seen one bc I hate horror films but from scenes I’ve heard about that sounded accurate)

    8. I agree with BAT2012 – i think relationship between BAU team is unhealthy close, too intim even maybe. Especially between Tina and Delia – for me seems Tina care for her much more than for Bette or even Angie. In all this story obviously first priority for Tina is her FBI college not her child and life partner.
      So i hope Bette and Angie soon return to LA because they don’t belong here. Bette don’t have life in DC, she don’t have friends there, she don’t have job there.
      And i don’t really care where will be this Tina, because this one of frw stories where for my opinion Tibette should not be together in the end.

    9. ““Never make Tina feel like she has to choose between you and her best friend. Hell, everyone at the bureau knows that.”

      Bette arched her brow at the older profiler, “you think she would choose Delia?”

      Greyson shook his head, “no. I know she would”

      It’s all i need to know about this story

        • I think it’s obvious from Tina behavior. She ready die for Delia and leave her lover and child, she trust her much more, than Bette. She not lied to her more then 10 years, hiding half of her life or her past, like she did to Bette.
          For example – lets compare situation – if Tina might saw video with Delia in any compromising situation – what she would think? Would she give her benefits of doubts, would she find her guilty even without speaking with her? I doubt that.

          • Tina has never said anywhere, nor alluded to, leaving Bette or Angie for the job. She even said the opposite-that she would go back to L.A. even if she wanted to stay at the BAU (check earlier chapters). Tina left and ended up in this situation because she wanted to protect her family-including everyone.

            And if Tina saw Delia in a compromising position, she wouldn’t care. Why would she? Delia isn’t the love of her life-Bette is. She was already jealous of Kelly to begin with-and after witnessing a horrific death of a loved one-it would be acceptable for Tina to not be thinking clearly.

            And at the time, between getting to the hospital not only for Delia but for herself, is a bit more important than having a conversation. Life will always override a conversation in my book.

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