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    “There you are Babygirl; I’ve been looking for you. What are you doing in here by yourself?” Kit asks as she walks into the kitchen from the patio doors.

    “Oh, Tina’s going to the bathroom and I thought I’d take a few moments of silence from the madness.” Bette responds.

    “That Alice is in rare form tonight. Showing up plastered to a welcome home party – sounds like something I would do.”

    Bette looks lovingly at Kit as she takes hold of her hands.

    “Sounds like something the old Kit would do. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? You’re doing so well! I was so scared, Kit. I didn’t know how else to help you, and nothing was working; I didn’t want to lose you.”

    Kit cups Bette’s cheek in her right hand as she brushes the slow tears away.

    “I know Baby sis, I know I spent years scaring you and abandoning you. I promise I’m here for you now, and I’m not going back to the life I lived. I’m working my steps and making good choices. I’m proud of you too Bette. I know you’ve been going to therapy, and it appears utilizing the therapeutic process more this time around than you have in the past.”

    Bette blushes shyly at her sister’s kind words.

    “And Tina…wooh… she’s something else Bette. I’m so happy to see you settling down with someone so calm and strong. She seems so sweet and just what you need to get you to relax.”

    Bette beams. “She’s so amazing Kit. I can’t begin to tell you how loved and safe she makes me feel. I thought I’d be alone forever; she entered my life just when I needed her.”

    Bette tenses briefly when she feels arms snaking around her waist from behind but relaxes when she hears Tina’s voice. “You came into my life at the exact moment I needed you Bette, and I’m thankful for you every day.”

    Tina kisses Bette’s back in the middle of her shoulder blades before releasing her hold to stand beside her and speak to Kit.

    “I love your sister very much Kit, and I look forward to spending a very long time with her.”

    Tina and Bette gaze lovingly at one another. “Forever perhaps…”

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    1. Very, very nice… Tina is much less traumatized from the assault than I imagined she would be at this point. That is a good thing and a tribute to her work while at the institution. Tina really is taking Alice’s behavior in a mature manner. She is not allowing Alice to affect her relationship with Bette or affect her own self image. And that takes a strong personality and a strong attachment to Bette. Bette on the other hand has a long history of being concerned with what others think. Of course, she is still concerned how her player’s history will affect her blossoming relationship with Tina. I think that is a normal concern for Bette to have and she will continue to have until she sees how Tina is going to deal with it. But the fact that Bette is has been and is being open about her history with Tina and she is giving her own interpretation of her history, I believe they can both put this to rest as history and not allow it to effect their relationship going forward.

      I am really impressed with how strong Bette and Tina are together already. Considering that for the past two months or so they have had mostly telephone conversations, weekly picnics and visits, have read each other’s diaries and a bit of cuddling, they are incredibly close. And it is so much more than physical attraction. Its a real bonded relationship complete with a real understanding of who they both are. They appear to be at a far more advanced stage emotionally and maturity than most couples after this amount of time who perhaps may have enjoyed far more physical intimacy.

      Wonderful chapter…. keep it coming….

      • Here’s the thing with Tina: she had suffered so many personal trials – at the hands of others – throughout her life, that she processed the trauma as “another thing that happened to her.” She internalized the trauma as just another event on the long list she already had, rather than taking it in as a singular event with all its implications and micro traumas. It’s made her recovery process seem faster because she’s not having to process an event detail by detail because she doesn’t have PTSD; she has C-PTSD so her therapy and recovery is focused on feeling identification, acknowledgement, acceptance, and replacement. Also, there’s no time limit or constraint on trauma recovery. People struggle, recover, and lapse in their own time – short or long.

        When it comes to how close they are after only a few months, that was purposeful. I really wanted to highlight the intense connection that meeting and being with your soulmate brings – I wanted it to stand apart in what tends to be a long timeline in most relationships. This may be an unpopular opinion – and possibly even jaded – but I don’t think most people (including married people) that are in relationships are with their soulmate. I’m a hopeless romantic in that I believe – very strongly – in soulmates, and I believe everyone has one. However, I think people are too often motivated by fear when it comes to relationships and that’s why people end up with someone else. People are afraid of being alone, or not finding something better than they have, or waiting too long, etc. So, when they find someone that they can love, and it’s comfortable, they stay. I wanted to showcase that this is not the case with Bette and Tina – they truly are soulmates.

        Though, being someone’s soulmate does not mean a relationship is flawless or healthy without effort. I’ve seen couples come together out of horrific situations and thrive, and in the same way have seen couples come together and it’s caustic, and toxic, and unhealthy. I’m a believer in that to be in a healthy, thriving, balanced relationship – with anyone – you don’t need to be whole and healed; beautiful things can come from the most broken and battered places. If someone welcomes insight, has self-awareness, and is willing to work then there is always potential and the greatest setup for healthy habits to blossom and grow. Open communication is key!

        In specific regards to B&T, Tina at this point is actually more healthy and secure as a person and in their relationship. Tina has been in intensive 24hr therapy for 3 months – she’s made A LOT of progress. We’ll see lingering issues pop up at different points, but she’s built a very good foundation. Bette, though in therapy, has a history of running from tough emotions and her therapy is a lower level of care. We’ll see how Bette implodes or grows in future.

        I know my response was long, but you brought up tremendous points and I wanted to offer my perspective. Thanks for reading! ????

    2. Incredible story!

      A good idea from Kit to take over the Planet and to ask Bette to be a silent investor to make her dream come true. And that Tina wants to participate in this, shows that she is really serious about Bette, their relationship and future together. A joint adventure for the Porter and Kennard family.

      Very good of Tina to talk about Alice and her terrible behavior and painful words before bedtime. Alice has a big mouth and I really can’t understand why she behaved this way and especially given the history she knows about both Bette and what Tina has been through.

      I would advise addressing Alice about her behavior and then banish them from their lives. Also seen that she has never behaved like a good friend in the past and still doesn’t understand what a good friend should be in behavior and attitude.

      Sorry, but I really hate her and really don’t understand why Bette is friends with her both in the OG and the new show.

      Bette and Tina are going to have a great relationship. They understand each other and as long as they keep talking to each other I see it positively.

      Thanks for the update!

      • I always loved the dynamic of Bette, Tina, and Kit together. I think this venture highlights the beginning of their family dynamic.

        Ugh, Alice is the worst. You’ll understand more of her perspective in the coming channels – that doesn’t mean you’ll be sympathetic to it. ????

        Thanks for reading!

    3. “she entered my life just when I needed her” – love that.
      Thanks Elizabeth. This is such a sweet sweet story of them coming together in such horrifying circumstances. They will be that much stronger because of it.

      Looking forward to the next post.

    4. Lovely story which will be so much better if you allow T and B to get rid of Alice.

      Nice to have Kit here and planning on buying The Planet. Also like Tina joining in.

      Enjoying and looking forward to more.

    5. Great ongoing story. The only problem I have is that Bette made a huge mistake having the gang over the night Tina started to move in. Alice needs to get her ass kicked and if I were Bette I would get Alice out of her life permanently. She’s got an enormously big and nasty mouth. Thanks for writing.

      • Why do you think it was a “huge mistake” to have the gang over? It was risky for sure because she didn’t know how Tina would react, or if she would feel overwhelmed.

        Alice… ugh… Alice will get what’s coming to her, just be patient!

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    6. Alice, Alice, Alice. I think Bette and Tina should talk to Alice with a united front. Both me to speak with Alice without emotion and honesty.

      Wow. The palpable energy between Bette and Tina is incredible.

      Thank you for your story.

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