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    Plans for the Future

    Bette lays awake with Tina wrapped tightly in her arms; her face buried into the caramel chest. When they arrived back to the hotel, Tina broke down completely. She sobbed uncontrollably at the harsh words from her Father, and infliction of pain he caused. Bette rocked her gently as they embraced one another on the bed. She remained strong for Tina, offering words of love and comfort to her Beloved until she fell asleep.

    Bette lays there stroking Tina’s hair and back, continuing to provide comfort to the fragile woman in her sleep. Tina sleeps for two hours before she begins to stir. “Bette?” She asks as she nuzzles her face further into the strong woman. “I need…”

    Tina trails off, her words hanging in the air. “Tell me, Baby. Tell me what you need. Hm?”

    Tina sighs at the understanding and pulls back to look at Bette’s face, searching her eyes. “I need you to make love to me… please, Baby, make love to me.” Tina asks tearfully.

    Bette rolls on top of Tina kissing her slowly. “Anything Baby, anything you need.”

    Bette kisses Tina as the passion builds slowly. She wants to take her time and bring Tina to orgasm slowly, hoping to help excise some of the pain, hurt, and anger her body and soul is holding. She moves her kisses to her ear. “Relax Baby, let me love you.” Tina moans her body responding and submitting to the kisses and touches her Beloved is giving. Bette kisses along her neck and chest, marking several portions of the expanse of skin. “You’re mine T.” She whispers. “I’m going to take care of you.”

    Tina continues to moan and squirm under Bette’s loving ministrations. Bette moves to Tina’s breasts. She always loved the soft alabaster globes. She took the dusty rose nipple into her mouth swirling her tongue around the areola as she pinches the other between her thumb and forefinger. “Mmm… Bette… you make… me feel… so hot… mmm… I love you.”

    Bette pulls back looking at the now merlot colored nipple. She looks up at Tina. Tina runs her fingers through the brown curls, sweeping them from Bette’s face. “I love you too, T.” Bette says passionately before moving her mouth to the other nipple continuing with her ministrations. After she brings both nipples to their hard peak, Bette begins to move her kisses lower licking and sucking every inch of skin on Tina’s stomach. As she reaches the small patch of hair on Tina’s mound, she breathes in the familiar scent. “Mmm… you always smell so good. Open your legs for me Baby.”

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    1. Very nice story…. amazing that Melvin decides that being in his daughters life is more important than his principles. Too bad the Kennard can’t see the same thing. Since they have had seven years of free labor, they are about to loose their farm help and their daughter at the same time. I wonder how the Kennards will adjust to the fact that they have grandchildren that they will never know because they have rejected their child? Of course there is always a change in heart by Tina’s parents before grandchildren come along. Maybe? Does not look too promising at this point.

      Kenter? I like it…its easy to say and easy to spell….

      I can never imagine Tina calling her parents “Maw and Paw”. I’ve heard people who call their grandparent those nicknames but never parents. Must be something unique in the Kennard family.

      Charming story….a committed Bette and Tina….love it.

      • Thank you for pointing out the “Maw” and “Paw.” Originally, I was going to have them living in a different location, so it would make sense that she was calling them that, but then changed my mind because I didn’t like it. I thought I got all the edits, but I see I missed some in the first couple of chapters. It should all be fixed now.

        I know it was quick, so it didn’t leave much time for very long and in-depth explanations, but hopefully it’s a sweet and enjoyable read.

        Thanks for reading! ????????

      • Hi Bibi!

        I’m glad you enjoyed the story! I tried to write it quickly so it’d be up for the holidays. I worried about it being cohesive but I think it flowed okay.

        Happy Holidays to you too, and thanks for reading! ????????

    2. Elizabeth
      Sweet sweet story. Imagine if they grew up together, that would be amazing. I live in the south, we hear Maw and Paw from time to time. Glad Tina came to her senses and found her backbone in your story, wish she would on the show as well.

      Thanks for the Christmas story…

      • Thanks BK! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been wanting to write a story of them growing up together, and I have a few ideas for it… possibly making it a “dated/time” piece. However, I want to finish my other story before I start on another. I don’t think I’d split my focus well on updating two stories regularly, and I would hate for one to fall off and be left incomplete for a while.

        The “Maw” and “Paw” were originally how I was going to have Tina addressing her parents because I wanted them to live in the South, but then I changed the location to PA and so it no longer made sense in my head; hence the change.

        I would LOVE for Tina to come to her senses in the show! I’ve been thinking it would be great if this season was actually just the contents of a book Jenny wrote that was published posthumously, and the opening to season 2 is Bette, Tina, Alice, and Shane sitting at The Planet talking about how ridiculous and unbelievable the storylines are.

        Ah… hope springs eternal… or brings eternal suffering! ????

        By the by, I LOVE your story! Your characterization of Bette, Tina, and their relationship is so well developed and inspiring. Thank you for reading and thank you for your writing! ????????

    3. Wonderful story! I enjoyed reading this sweet story of a young Tibette. I am glad Tina found the courage to stand up to Eric and her parents. It is her parents’ loss that they miss out on a new daughter-in-law and grandchildren. It is refreshing to see Melvin behaving like how a father should and accepting Bette unconditionally.

    4. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this very endearing Christmas story – a Christmas gift for all true Tibetters, that’s sure !!

      So bittersweet, often tragic but, alas, those kind of family manipulation and lies happen…
      Luckily, thanks to you, our beloved two found beautifully their way back to each other ! I just love it :-)

      Oh, I’m so grateful to writers like you who keep the Bette and Tina’s flame, we so need it – more than ever…
      All my very, very best wishes for 2020 !

      • Thank you for reading, enjoying, and commenting!

        It was bittersweet, but I left it open so that I may be able to write a sequel for this in the future, so we can see what happens once they move to California and if Tina can reconcile with her parents. I have no plans to write that yet, but it may be possible in the future. That way, we can turn the bittersweet ending to sugary, sweet, milk chocolate. :-)

        Best wishes to you!

        • Oh, Elizabeth, you just found one of my biggest weakness ; milk chocolate !!!
          ,,, no wonder, since I’m Swiss *wink*

          I’d love to read a sequel for your story anytime so please never stop considering to write it ! Happy readers are just like chocolate’s addicts : always demanding and totally selfish, I’m afraid !

          Well, seriously now : take your time, of course, enjoying this new year’s beginning. Then, as you say, in the future, I’ll be there – and all others too !
          Take great care of you – and thanks again :-)

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