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    Power Struggle

    The following morning, Tina is stirred from her peaceful sleep by noises coming from the next room.

    Tonya: A little more to the right….yeah that’s it.

    Tina slowly lifts her head and looks towards the wall.

    Tina: What the hell?

    Tonya: Now down a little, no not that much I said a little….yeah right there baby….a little to the right….I said right….oh yeah I’m almost there.

    Tina puts her hand over her mouth and pretends to gag.

    Tina: You have got to be kidding me

    She hops out of bed and throws on some sweatpants and quickly walks towards the bedroom door.

    Tonya: I’m so there baby…oh….

    Tina steps out of her room and shivers.

    Tina: Disgusting

    Tina walks into the kitchen and is surprised to see Bette standing at the island eating fruit.

    Tina: Oh….good morning

    Bette looks up and smiles as she tears off a section of the orange in her hand. Bette: Morning

    Tina watches Bette pop the orange into her mouth and then allows herself to admire her ex’s body. She quickly looks away when Bette turns towards her.

    Tina: Uh were you woken up by the sex noises too?

    Bette:(laughs) I’m not sure that was sex going on in that room. Sounded more like a military drill….

    Tina laughs as she walks over to pour herself a cup of coffee.

    Bette: “I said left soldier”…..I swear I was waiting for a drop and give me twenty command.

    Tina laughs as she leans against the counter and sips her coffee.

    Tina: What are you up to this morning?

    Bette points to her matching black spandex outfit.

    Bette: Morning run.

    Tina smiles a little as she walks over to Bette.

    Tina: Oh yes….your precious morning run. Not much has changed since high school I see.

    Bette smirks at Tina as she pops another section of orange into her mouth.

    Bette: Well I don’t know about all that but I do still need my run to get my day started.

    Tina: I remember waking up a few mornings to you sneaking out of my bed when we dated….and then whatever you call what we did a few times after high school.

    Bette smiles and licks her lips as she leans in closer to Tina.

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    1. I am supposed to sleep, but i woke up from my phone to alert me that you posted a update, and i could’nt resist to read it immediately!

      God, they were terrible way back and i admire Bette that she took all that shit and fought back.

      I love the flirting between B&T, wonder what happened back in the day, that they are now only friends. You mentioned a conversation that ended their “relationship” , i hope you will write about that, it must have been a really intens talk that made that they are only friends with benefits for so long. And now thats what they are now, just friends, but they still look at each other and i kind of get the feeling that Bette still want her, reading from what Shane said. And Tina, she maybe be with someone else, she still has the hots for Bette.

      Wow, words and thoughts keep flowing from me :-)

      Thank you so much for the update! Don’t let us waiting for too long, please.

    2. Oh my… I can’t believe that you left us hanging right there. All kind of scenarios are running through my mind about Leigh and Tina. I am mostly left wondering if they had or is having some type of relationship that no one knows about. Waiting with baited breath…

    3. Much like in the story you always stop at the good parts….. I’m loving this new fic; it’s like mean girls meets the best man meets Friday night lights meets one tree hill… I could go on but I’ll just say thank you BEG. Please post soon! And since I love all of your stories it can be writers choice :-)

    4. I had to go back and read ‘Introduction’ again before this post. Not a hardship but please don’t make us wait as long for the next Chapter BEG – please !

      Enjoyed as I do all your stories Thank you, PPS

    5. My God!
      I loved this chapter
      And he must have had a very strong reason for Bette and Tina get
      separated, however they still have a strong attraction, that’s obvious.
      The entire constellation.

    6. Oh my…Tina and her RatBrat Bitches were something else! All kinds of snobs and mean. So glad Bette put them in check and can just picture her with that baseball bat threat! Can’t wait to find out about Bette and Tina relationship and this conversation that ended it…except the friend with benefits part. They are BOTH still attracted to one another and Tina does not seemed to happy about Leigh coming to this wedding. She is jealous or threaten by Leigh and Bette friendship/relationship some how.

      Love the Bette and Shane qb/receiver loyalty exchange. I can see how the deepen their friendship.

      Thank you for the update, look forward to see where this is all headed.

      Let me say again how much I enjoy reading your stories. Tina and Bette lives on forever in my heart!

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