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    Preparing for Bridgeport

    Bette and Tina gave up the notion of going back to sleep, even though they had only gotten about three hours before the phone calls from Andrea.

    Bette left a voicemail for Joyce. “It’s Bette. Sorry to disturb you on the weekend but something has happened with Marci. I need you to call me as soon as possible. We don’t know all the details, but we just received a call from a neonatal nurse from a hospital in Bridgeport California. She wouldn’t give us any information other than Marci is a patient and she’s asked for Tina and I to come there as soon as possible. We’re heading out first thing in the morning. As you can imagine we are very anxious. Please call. Thank you, Joyce. Talk soon.”

    The next call Bette made was to her sister Kit. She told her what was going on and asked if she could keep Angie for a few days. At this point they had no idea of Marci’s condition or if she’d even given birth so they could only plan a few days at a time. Kit loved spending time with Angie and had no issue rearranging her schedule to take care of her.

    “Kit I don’t know how to feel about this. Marci is so unpredictable. Every time we think we’ve conquered one hurdle another one pops up. I’m committed to going through with the adoption. I know Tina and I can give Logan a great life, but I don’t know if I can take another disappointment. What if …?”

    Kit interrupted before she could voice her fears. “Baby sis what have I told you about playing ‘the What if? game’. Don’t start overthinking it before you get there. Look at everything that’s in your favor. Marci is in her 34th week which means if he’s born preterm with the needed medical care, they’ve got a great chance of no major complications. I had a scare when I was that far along with David and the doctors reassured me if I gave birth, he would be fine. I went to term but remember I was a drug addict, yet David was perfect. Is there anything in Marci’s medical history to worry about?”

    “No, she’s perfectly healthy. All her check-ups so far indicate the baby is perfectly formed and healthy too. She sent us the sonograms from the last one; remember I showed you.”

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    1. Well!
      Obviously delighted to have a post on this new story but, you know what I am going to say, too short and a cliffhanger !

      Thanks for posting, loved it, more please and soon.
      Oh and remember I’m still up in Canada on another story

      Stay safe and well BAT

      • SG you made me chuckle. Unfortunately you will be in Canada for a while on the other story so get comfy in front of a fireplace with a warm drink. I can give you a preview that in the next chapter the family will be heading to Rancho Capriccio to have a much needed break for a few months, and to get Bette, Tina and Alex reconnected after a long separation. I’m still figuring out what to do with Eric, Kate and Aaron and deciding if William is a good guy or not.

        Thank you for keeping me to my commitment to finish my stories.

        Please stay safe and well.

    2. Okay, here it comes – the Kelly incident. Just tell her Bette. Get it out of the way. Clean the slate. You are going to be going to meet your new son. Tina will hear you and will believe you.

      Great chapter…. I can feel the stress of the two dealing with a bunch of unknowns. I can feel their need for each other to face this new phase of their lives. They are coming closer together and they need each other. And they really do belong together.

      Thanks for this chapter…. love to see more… I am really enjoying this story.

      • Hi Martha, thank you for reading. I always appreciate your comments and insights. Yes Bette and Tina definitely have a lot going on, and so much more important than Kelly. I felt I had to address this incident because like many others have commented it was so ridiculously played out on the show. Bette and Tina will definitely talk it out. More to come soon.

    3. Totally agree with Martha. Tina already knows Bette was trying to tell her something and they were interrupted. That should help a great deal. Just tell her Bette. Tina really dislikes Kelly and this will not help. But she also knows Jenny is a total looney tune so there is that. Tina should respect Bette’s honesty and realize how far they have come that Bette turned to her. Tina should come down hard on Jenny. When that whole thing happened on the original series and Bette kept getting interrupted while trying to talk to Tina I screamed at the screen because it was one more example of terrible writing. And Kit’s reaction later when Bette talked to her… it just became so much of a bigger and ridiculous mess. It was all just so stupid. I mean what the hell Jenny? She just happened to be looking out the window and spying on Bette and just happened to have her phone to film them. Kind of illegal. You have a golden opportunity to easily “write” that ridiculous wrong as well.

      • agree. I found Kit’s reaction the most unrealistic. And extremely hurtful seeing how she had a front seat to seeing how sorry Bette was in the aftermath of Candace. It was not believable at all! I get trying to build tension but why do the writers use the same ploy with the plot every time to add drama – Bette cheats, Bette takes up too much space. Lazy lazy writing.

      • There were more stories in season 6 than were brought up suddenly and dropped just as quick as they came. Marci, Kelly, Tasha… OG writers tried to cram too much in an abbreviated murder not so mystery. So many good storyline in s6 but the running theme was awful.

        • Deanna – totally agree. I don’t even remember seeing Kelly again after that scene with Bette. She just disappeared from the show, but apparently was spreading rumors because Jodi heard that Bette cheated from Kelly. I can’t tackle them all but I will provide a different outcome on a few as I make my way through season six.

      • Billy, thank you for reading and like Martha providing such great insight. I think you summed it up with just lazy terrible writing in the original. I was also disappointed with Kit but to be honest I was also disappointed in Bette. She found time to have a private discussion with Jenny, and with Jodi at that event and we are supposed to believe she couldn’t pull Tina aside during one of the frequent breaks to talk to her instead of trying in the middle of a dance floor with Alice in the middle of them. The majority of the Bette and Tina scenes were just butchered. Even when they were doing their dance routine the scene kept switching to Shane and her bimbo having sex in the bathroom or wherever. I really hated that, They give us the impression that Bette and Tina have trouble communicating, but it’s more that they don’t ever give them a chance to have a full conversation without other characters chiming in. Even minor characters on the show got more respect in that regard to tell their story and develop their characters. I could go on and on but I will save my energy for writing the next chapter.

        • WhooHooo! Thought I was crazy for hating how Bette & Tina’s dance was butchered with cut aways to Shane whoring with Nikki.

          I wasloving Tibette’s sexy strut!! BTW they were far & away the winning couple.

          Why did TLW Writers have Bette “hoping” that Jodi would “befriend” her when their paths crossed in the ladies room???? Bette should have burned that bridge and both sides of the frickin’ road loooong go!!

          Jodi wasn’t faithful to Bette. She ran straight to her “ex” after leaving the campground. But I digress . . .

    4. This is wonderful. I worked in a NICU as a respiratory therapist for 25 years. I’m interested to see how Marci and Logan appear and Logan’s recovery/adoption goes.

      Now, Bette needs to keep the communication lines open. Tina knows something just by the color in Bette’s face left. Please allow Bette to show true and permanent growth. Allow the couple to grow together. Tina grew immensely in the OG but she still has a way to go.

      Thank you.

      • Deanna considering your professional knowledge about NICU please don’t hold me to any facts in my story. I’m doing a bit of online research but I have no personal or professional experience to speak from. Definitely want to be considerate and caring in my portrayal of the outcome.

        One of the things that I do try in my stories is making sure Bette and Tina work out their issues, grow and mature. I look forward to your thoughts on how it plays out in my story.

        • No worries. Your doing a wonderful job. Even Grey Anatomy and such is grossly incorrect. The fact you are doing research says a lot on your own. You can research something that involves premature infants milestones and that may help you. You’re doing a fabulous job.

    5. Yeah I agree , Bette should talk to Tina about Kelly, it is better to give her version than that of this deranged one.

      It’s always a pleasure to read your stories and I also can’t wait to read about Rancho Capriccio.

      Thank you.

      • izzie, thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate you reading my stories. I now have both you and SG to keep me accountable for finishing Love a bridge between our differences. The good news is, I do have ideas where to take it, just need time to get them organized and written.

        Tina will definitely get the honest version of what happened from Bette.

    6. Love the subject of the cliffhanger. Tina KNOWS that Kelly is going to make a play for Bette. She knows and trust Bette. Show some maturity Bette and tell Tina the whole story.

      NO time for games. Speaking unapologetically will shut down all of Jenny’s accusations and claims. Tina fully understands how the camera angle when filming can play tricks on the eyes!! It wouldn’t take much to recreate what Jenny thought she saw.

    7. Agree with the whole crew!!!!!!! Flood gates have been opened!!!! Love all of the comments. Season Six was a complete fiasco. Yes there are some easy fixes. And Kelly did just go away. But still Bette got that deer in the headlights look when she had done nothing wrong. I guess no faith that she would be believed? Too many people making comments? Truth be told Bette should have sued Jodie, CU, the Hammer and possibly Phyllis. Defamation of character. Once Jodie showed up at the dance looking slutty and making her ludicrous remark that was the limit. Jodie and Kelly friends? And – AND – AND ——- Kelly knew nothing about what Jenny had done!!!!! Kelly was drunk and Bette sent her on her way. What was there for Kelly to even say to Jodie???? So Jenny went to Kelly and Jodie?????Jesus!!!! But making sense of the bad writing is like forcing a square peg into a round hole. Im- pos-si-ble!!! One has to believe there is footage of the entire Bette and Tina dance. Fans are owed an unedited version. We was robbed!!!!!! Chopping that up made less than zero sense. They just had to give it to Jodie due to MM having been on Dancing With the Stars. So cheap. Makes me gag!!!!! Go get Logan, ladies. Have some faith and tell Tina, Bette. Kick Kelly and Jenny’s asses, Tina. Be a better sister, Kit. Just love my posting friends!!!!!!

      P.S. With this one fix – this one humongous act- Bette and Tina adopting Logan – well it is like the pebble in the ocean creating the ripples that impact the world. Bette can be the stay at home mom the writers had her say she wanted to be – for a while at least – and get rid of working with Kelly. Give Bette time to breathe and think and truly plan her next step. Give Tina her time in the sun. With this one act and following what little we know of Tibette in the new series – it might be possible to actually ignore the entirety of the Bette and Tina storyline in GQ. Such is the little things that dreams are made of.

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