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    Presidential Birthday

    White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    “James, care to explain this?” Bette held up a formal invite that was on her desk.

    James looked at her amused. He knew today was stressful for the President, she’d been in a five hour meeting with the cabinet and it was her birthday and she didn’t want to be here. She wanted to be with Tina but that couldn’t because  the country couldn’t run without her today.

    “It’s an invite ma’am,”

    “I can see that James, it’s strange that I’ve got a formal invite to my own birthday party,”

    “Perhaps, you should take that up with Ben,”

    “Perhaps you should make that happen,” Bette said, the corners of her mouth smiling slightly. James nodded and left the room.

    Within ten minutes Ben entered the Oval Office,

    “Happy Birthday Ma’am,”

    “Well, well, well Benny boy,”

    “What have I done?” Ben said, he loved that she was in a good mood. She only played like this when she was.

    “Why in the hell do I have a formal invite to my own party,”

    “Because ma’am for the office of the President to formally invite the President, a formal invite must be sent,” Ben said smirking. Knowing that the sentence didn’t quiet make sense.

    “Smart ass,”

    “You know it,” Ben laughed.

    “I see I have a plus one,”

    “We can’t put Tina’s name on anything yet, but we know you’re bring her.”

    “I am. Hurt arm and all,”

    “How is she doing?”

    “She’s interviewing for two new doctors at her practice today. She’s going to run the place but no longer take anyone on, her client list will be divided between the six doctors.”

    “And she’s okay with this?”

    “I think what happened with Gary was the final straw for her, I think she’s been attacked before but she’s not talking to me about it,”

    “Give her time.”

    “I will give her all the time in the world.”

    Ben smiled.

    “I enjoyed your tweet,”

    “Which one?”

    “‘Love has come from the darkness to heal my shattered soul.’”

    “Agh, Tina’s words not mine,”



    “It’s very deep,”

    “She’s full of them.”

    “I can’t wait for more,”

    With that Ben left the room. Bette got on with some work before calling it a day and heading upstairs. They couldn’t go to New Hampshire as tonight was her party

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    1. Very good Bette went to her Birthday Party and together with her new partner Dr. Tina Kennard.

      Bette deserve to have a partner who truly show her that she is loved and Tina is just the woman for just like Bette is for Tina. A great couple!

      Thank you for the update!

    2. Wow… so this is a big party for Bette and for Tina. That is a lot of age difference between Bette and Tina – fifteen years. She evidently was some kind of genius since she has been practicing medicine for several years at the time that most medical students are just finishing up their education. I do like the way that she is very affectionate with Bette and how smitten Bette is with Tina. Being President of the US is a 24/7 job and needs someone to support them through the stress and the seriousness of what comes with it. The President needs to surround themselves with smart and ethical people. We in the public may not see it, but to me the successful ones have surrounded themselves with outstanding personalities who understand the importance of the position and their place in history and whose primary objective is the betterment of the people. Tina is one of these people and Bette is lucky to have her by her side.

      Keep writing…. let’s see what develops.

      • I really like how observant Tina is of Bette. She isn’t afraid to share those observations. Looove how quick she is to flirt with Bette at the drop of a hat! HeHeHe!!!

        “She really enjoyed kissing Tina and loved that Tina was so WILLING to show her AFFECTION. Tina was affectionate and wanted to TOUCH her, HOLD her and KISS her.”

        Bette: Do we have to go? Bette whispered,
        Tina: We do, but later, I WILL TAKE CARE of you”
        Bette: “FUCK”, Bette muttered,”I love you”.

        She (Bette) was nervous, but she was trying not to let on.
        Tina WATCHED her. She knew what 2night meant. She wanted to be there for Bette.

        Tina NOTICED that Bette was walking slower than normal . . .
        She (Tina) had to REPLACE bad memories with good ones.

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