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    One month after the opening of Provocations at the CAC.


    Tina slowly got out of the car, looking at the house that she had once shared with the woman that she still loved, even after everything that had happened. she couldn’t turn off her feeling for the woman she had spent the last seven years loving and caring for her. The house was filled with so many memories that she wasn’t ready to intrude on at the moment.

    How could she do this?

    She had to go into the house and face Bette. She didn’t want too. She had been hoping that she wouldn’t have to come face to face with her former lover.  She was still angry that instead of turning to her Bette had dropped her pants for another woman.

    Tina slowly walked up the path looking at the flowers and bushes that she had planted over the years. She looked at the large front door.

    She didn’t want to open it. she’d noticed Bette’s Saab parked on the drive. From what she had heard Bette was a mess and drunken Bette was hard to deal with. She’d heard from Alice and Shane that Bette was smoking again, something she had stopped doing four years ago, after much discussion. She was also drinking herself to death. She was barely eating; Kit had been to see her and she’d been drunk and ranting. Something that Tina didn’t want now.

    Tina took a deep breath, she was shaking slightly. She knew she had to walk into the house, she had to face Bette, it would be the first time she had seen her since that night a month ago, when they had had demanding, violent sex.

    The front door opened, Tina looked at Bette, who looked a mess. Her hair was messy, like she’d been running her fingers through her hair repeatedly. She was wearing a tank top and baggy cargo pants that she had wore on her days off.

    Bette’s eyes were dull, she was broken.

    Tina’s hand went to her stomach at once. She was showing that she was four months pregnant, but she hadn’t told anyone. Her bump was there. she had managed to hide it for the time being, but she knew that it was going to come out. she had heard the comments that she was eating her pain and putting the weight on. She wasn’t. she was just eating for two.

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