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    Prologue: A Stroll in Jackson Square

    It is so hot and humid here. God the heat just sucks the breath right out of me. Just one more day here and I’m finished with my book tour. I really can’t believe how my book has taken off. I never would have dreamt it. For once I’m content with the way my career is going. My personal life?…. Well that’s a story for another book which should be an autobiography of how not to find love.

    Here I am strolling in Jackson Square alone in one of the most romantic cities in the south—New Orleans. It’s a sad existence when you are now a household name because of your fiction novel ”Primal Hearts” yet you have no one to share in the romance this city has to offer.  Yes, that describes me perfectly though. It seems I was not meant to fall in love. The last woman I was with was only with me for the fame and now that my book is sitting at #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List well it will be hard to find someone who will love me just for me and not for my name being on some book cover.

    As I continue down the sidewalk, I can’t help but take in the sights of those that had one to many Hurricanes from the local bars begging for relief as they bend at the waist hoping it finds them soon. I shake my head and chuckle.

    I then approach a boy that couldn’t be more than 10 years old wearing a black shirt, black paints, and gold suspenders tap dancing his heart out for every little penny the passer-bys drop in his hat. I donate to his cause buy throwing in a twenty.

    I turn the corner once I hit the square and find myself drawn to the saxophonist nestled underneath the shade of a nearby tree blowing out a romantic melody that draws the honeymooners to my right and the golden couple that still look blissfully happy and in love from my left. ’Lover’s to the left me-Lover’s to the right of me-Here I am-Stuck in the middle with you’ I think and chuckle to myself as I slowly pull away from the crowd and continue on in the square until I hit several artist booths.

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    1. Pie-I always look forward to reading your stories and your imagination knows no limits. Please continue what you’re doing and this new story definitely has legs to move in many directions. Thank you.. I love how you feed my head.

    2. Hi Pie
      What a delight to wake up to a new post from you even though it’s a very small piece of my favourite Pie!
      Looking forward to Chapter One as my interest has really been stirred with this Prologue.
      Thanks for starting to Post again you have been sorely missed my friend.

    3. Great to see another story of yours!

      For me – i’m glad that in this story Tina, like LH, painter. And Bette is a writer. It’s unusual and i like it.

      Ok, i’ll be waiting with interest for the next chapters!

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