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    Puppy Love

    The Planet….

    About a week later, Alice slowly takes a bite out of her bagel as she looks at Tina who has been staring at her off and on the entire morning.

    Alice: Okay? What the hell’s going on?

    Tina smiles and shrugs.

    Tina: What do you mean?

    Alice: I mean you’ve been starin’ since you sat down. Actually scratch that, like the entire week. What gives?

    Tina’s smile grows bigger.

    Tina: Nothing, I’m just enjoying my life with my beautiful family and wonderful friends. Can’t I be grateful?

    Alice: Yeah you can be grateful and not creepy at the same time Kennard, try it.

    Alice looks at Bette and nods towards Tina.

    Alice: If you were any good at your wifely duties your wife wouldn’t be ogling other married women.

    Bette keeps her eyes on her paper as she responds.

    Bette: I take care of my wifely duties just fine, that’s why she’s so damn loopy this morning.

    Tina smiles and nudges her wife.

    Tina: Hey

    Alice: So I have a question I’m sure we’ve all wanted to ask you for a while, Porter…. where the hell are you getting actual newspapers from these days?

    Tina giggles a little as she drinks her coffee.

    Bette turns the page of her newspaper as she responds.

    Bette: Contrary to popular beliefs, the newspaper business is still alive and thriving, Alice.

    Alice: There’s a thing we young folks use these days called an app…. it’s all the rage, you should try it. You’re really showing your age sittin here every morning with a damn newspaper covering your face.

    Bette peeks at Alice over her paper.

    Bette: I don’t give a shit.

    Alice bites her bagel again.

    Alice:(mouthful) Obviously.

    Alice looks at her watch and downs the rest of her coffee before standing up.

    Alice: Shit I gotta get to work.

    Bette folds half her paper away from her face and looks at Alice amusingly.

    Bette: I’m sorry? You have to get where? I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that line before.

    Alice grabs her purse and laptop from the table.

    Alice: I don’t have time to curse you right now, remind me to do it later.

    Bette flips her paper back up.

    Bette: You got it.

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    1. Oh my God, a update from you and a absolute fantastic one.

      We have to wait for it but it is so worth the time!

      Love the interaction in the Kennard-Porter house. Michelle and Tina, still bickering, quit funny.

      And what is going on with Helena, wanting to work for Bette, please not. Let them stay cordial and not become best friends.

      And Jenny is back, talk about problems for Tina.

      Looking forward how this story will develop.

      Thank you so much for the update!

      I hope you will be able to post sooner and if not, I will wait patiently.

    2. Great update. Michele should just go away and hide forever and take crazy jenny with her. I really wish you would make her go away and leave Bette and Tina alone. She should give Bette full custody of Mickey and leave them be. She was the fool and broke up her own marriage. Tina tried to stay away from Bette when she first came back. And after Tina became the “baddest Bitch” Michelle should have learned her lesson. She’s asking for a major takedown and Tina is just the one to do it. Is Taylor really a damned fool or just completely stupid. She will learn that she has pooped and stepped back in it by bringing jenny to Tinas’ office. Jenny is crazy as hell as Taylor will soon learn. What is with Helena wanting to work for Bette? Thanks for posting.

    3. Hey BEG! I was sooooo excited to see an update that I had to come and comment before even reading it. I’m sure it’s great, like all your stories. I really appreciate the update and can’t wait to read what happens next. Thanks for the update 🙃🙃🤣 off to read now…….,,

    4. Hi BEG:

      Wow it took me almost five days re-read your first story Home Again and all the chapters of this sequel Home again 2, but finally, I could finish this chapter; fantastic, it was really good. I’m intrigued, what does Helena want (besides the job that she doesn’t need)? What is Jenny doing there? What will happen with Dana? I foresee that Tina will have problems with Taylor again. Anyway, I will wait for your next post; thanks so much for the update


    5. What an Easter Egg – an Update from you BEG, you make us wait but they are so worth it!!
      Loved the original stories and now this Sequel,
      Bette and Tina and their family make great reading, raising both a smile and a tear or two!
      Have a great Holiday and please Post again soon, I will try, like Bibi28 to wait patiently but I’m not good at it!!!

    6. Thanks! This is an amazing chapter! The baddest bitch(Tina) is still doing her thing! Now, its time for Tina to shut Jenny’s ass down! Bette was funny as hell with that bat! I knew she had them a puppy! She will do anything for her family cause she loves them so much. They see a side of her that no one else does. PPS

    7. WOW…what a great chapter! Love, LOVE, LOVE the family dynamics between Bette/Tina and the kids. Yeah they finally got a puppy. Angie getting her period and all the advice she gets from her Aunts. Tina reaction was priceless, she is now more hawkish than Bette…poor Tony!

      OMG…crazy ass Jenny!

      Thanks for the update!

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