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    Pushed to the Edge

    She doesn’t know why, but the sight of the woman breaks her heart. Who would hurt
    such a wonderful creature? Bette reaches her side. ”Excuse? Miss? Are you alright?” Tina
    is pulled from the darkness of her mind by the voice of an angel. She turns her head to stare
    at the celestial being. When Bette sees her face, she’s struck first by her beauty. Her
    admiration quickly turns to anger when she takes in the state of this woman. She doesn’t
    even know this woman, but the power of rage and revenge roar through her body. She steps
    closer to the woman, ever so gently stroking the left side of her face with the back of her
    right hand as she whispers, ”Who did this to you?”

    Tina is shocked by the gentleness and care this stranger is showing her. As she
    looks into her eyes, she feels something different, as if just a mere glance at this woman has
    begun to repair the cracks in her soul. As the woman continues to stare, waiting for a
    response, Tina remembers why she’s on this bridge, what happened just an hour ago, and
    what she was planning to do just seconds ago. Tears roll down her cheeks, she looks away
    from the gentle stranger and moves back to the ledge, gripping the railing. ”It doesn’t
    matter… I came to jump.” She whispers.

    Bette’s heart drops. The thought of losing this stranger overwhelms her senses for
    some unknown reason. The desire to save and protect her spurs her on. ”It matters to me.”
    She says with passion and conviction.

    Tina laughs sarcastically, ”Yeah, and why would it matter to you? It doesn’t matter
    to anyone else! You don’t even know me; who are you? Why do you care? Do you want to
    take a piece of me too?!”

    Bette moves even closer, sweeping hair off the woman’s face. She speaks softly but
    passionately. ”I can’t explain it; I don’t understand it. I was running and saw you standing
    here and was drawn to you. You don’t feel it? I can’t describe it. I feel connected to you.”
    Bette gently strokes her face. ”I don’t even know your name, but I hate that someone hurt
    you. I hate the pain and sadness I see in your eyes.” A few tears fall from Bette’s eyes. ”I
    know I’m a stranger, but I care about you; I want to protect you. I know it’s crazy, but I
    think my heart would be irreparably broken if you jumped.” Bette moves her hands down
    her arms gripping her hands tightly and pulling them to her chest. ”My name is Bette, and I
    don’t want to take anything from you. I didn’t stop to tear you down or break you apart. I
    stopped because…” Bette takes a breath. ”…because I think you may be… my soulmate…”
    Bette looks away slightly embarrassed by the words she just uttered, and the unusual
    display of vulnerability she’s just shown. Bette keeps the woman’s hands on her chest as
    she brings her right hand to her face, gently stroking her cheek. She looks at her intently as
    she speaks, her voice full of emotion, ”Please… don’t jump… don’t leave me yet…”

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    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Welcome on this site!!!

      I am very happy you bring your story here.

      Maybe you should warn the readers for the fourth chapter, because it is a emotional and very heavy chapter.

      I already commented on the other site and will comment on the new chapters you didn’t post there.

      Welcome again.

      For the readers here, the start is very heavy but it is worth to read this story!!!

      • Hi Bibi! I thought there’d be crossover site-to-site, so it’s good to see you here!

        I’m still figuring out the posting on this site compared to the other – it’s different.

        I did put a trigger warning in the author notes section; do you think I should put it in the summary section too?

        Thanks! 😊

        • Sorry, didn’t check the chapter! Maybe it is a good idea to put it in the summary section too.

          I hope you didn’t mind that i warned the readers about the chapter. You write a amazing story but that chapter is so intense and hard to read, i thought i warn the other readers 😊

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