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    Pushed to the Edge

    Tina is overwhelmed by the care this stranger is showing her. She’s confused by her
    own feelings – she should feel unsettled by what this complete stranger is saying to her, but
    she’s not. She can’t explain the connection she’s feeling to Bette either. ”I… I feel it too…
    but I…” Tina looks down, tears falling from her eyes. ”I don’t think I can take anymore…
    they… he wouldn’t stop… I tried…” Tina’s body shakes as she becomes too emotional to

    Bette brings her into her arms. ”Please… tell me your name?”

    Tina tries to calm herself enough to speak. ”T- Tina…” She chokes out.

    Bette holds her tighter as she strokes her head rested on her chest. ”You’re safe now
    Tina. I’m right here. Breathe Baby; you’re safe.” Bette coos surprised by the endearing
    terms she’s using. It’s about 15 minutes of Bette’s strong embrace and soothing words before Tina has calmed down. Bette has a sinking feeling as to what occurred to bring Tina to this bridge.
    She decides she needs to confirm her suspicion. ”Tina?” Bette pulls away to look in Tina’s
    eyes. ”Could you tell me… were you raped?”

    Bette sees the tears silently fall from Tina’s eyes. She drops her head, breaking eye
    contact as she speaks barely above a whisper. ”Yes.”

    Tears fall from Bette’s eyes as she pulls Tina back into a tight embrace. ”I’m sorry
    Baby, I’m so sorry.” Bette holds her for a few minutes, both silently crying before she
    speaks again. ”I’m taking you to the hospital.”

    Tina shakes her head vigorously as she pushes Bette away. ”No! No, I don’t want to.
    It won’t even matter.”

    Bette pulls Tina back to her and softly cups her face. ”I need to help you, and this is
    the only way I know how. Please…” Bette speaks emotionally. ”Please let me help. I
    promise I won’t leave your side the entire time. You won’t do this alone.”

    Tina stands silently for a moment before deciding to trust her newfound friend.
    ”Fine… how much worse can things get anyway.”

    Bette chuckles trying to ease Tina with some humor. ”So, you’re a glass half empty
    kind of girl? That’s okay; I can work with that.” Bette says winking at Tina. ”Well, I’m
    parked a few minutes this way. Are you okay to walk with me to my car?”

    Tina smiles lightly. ”Yeah, I can walk.”

    Bette beams as she takes Tina’s hand in hers and begins to walk back the way she
    came. ”You’ll feel better once you can sit and relax in the car.” She gives Tina’s hand a
    gentle squeeze. ”Everything is going to be okay. I promise. I’ll take care of you.”

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    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Welcome on this site!!!

      I am very happy you bring your story here.

      Maybe you should warn the readers for the fourth chapter, because it is a emotional and very heavy chapter.

      I already commented on the other site and will comment on the new chapters you didn’t post there.

      Welcome again.

      For the readers here, the start is very heavy but it is worth to read this story!!!

      • Hi Bibi! I thought there’d be crossover site-to-site, so it’s good to see you here!

        I’m still figuring out the posting on this site compared to the other – it’s different.

        I did put a trigger warning in the author notes section; do you think I should put it in the summary section too?

        Thanks! 😊

        • Sorry, didn’t check the chapter! Maybe it is a good idea to put it in the summary section too.

          I hope you didn’t mind that i warned the readers about the chapter. You write a amazing story but that chapter is so intense and hard to read, i thought i warn the other readers 😊

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