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    Putting the Pieces Back Together

    It was another hour before Tina was able to coax Bette out of the closet – it took a while to convince Bette that Candace had not followed her to the cabin. However, Tina assured her that she took several precautionary measures to ensure neither Candace nor Alice could follow her, or even know that she herself was gone. Ultimately, Tina called Shane who affirmed the actions they took to get to here untraced and Shane promised to stay at the house to give the appearance that Tina is still home with Bette still missing. Finally, Bette allowed Tina to help her out of the closet and into the living room before reheating the tea kettle. Tina returns to the living room with a tea tray to find Bette where she left her.

    Tina sets the tray on the coffee table before sitting next to Bette’s laid out body.

    “Hey Baby,” She says while brushing the brown curls from her face. “I made us some tea. Would you like some? Hm?”

    Bette turns her head to press her face into the pale hand rested on her cheek. She kisses the palm before silently sitting up. Tina reaches for the tray and brings a cup of teat to Bette. Bette reaches for it but as she lifts her hands both women see they’re to shaky to hold the cup.

    “It’s okay Baby, I’ll help you.” Tina soothes as she brings the hot liquid to the brunette’s lips; Bette sips slowly while Tina caresses her hair. “That’s good Baby; that’s my girl.”

    They sit in silence for several minutes until Bette turns – eyes filled – to Tina.

    “I’m so sorry Tina, I’m sorry I scared you. I just… I couldn’t let her take me.”

    “Come here.”

    Tina whispers. In mere seconds Bette finds herself wrapped in the most safe and warm embrace.


    She chokes out as she dissolves into soul wrenching sobs in the arms her strong blonde Beloved.

    “You’re okay Baby, it’s all going to be okay. You’re safe now, and I’m going to keep you safe forever. I’m never going to leave you. Never Bette, I’ll be with you forever. You hear me my Beloved? I’m yours and you’re mine.”

    Bette nods her head in understanding while her face is still buried in Tina’s chest. Tina pulls her up until they’re eye to eye.

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    1. Elizabeth,
      Don’t worry about your sisterhood. we’re just thankful that you help all the peeps you can and have been able to take in healing of mind, body, and soul for yourself.

      Now back to our ladies!

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