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    Bette ran her hand through her hair, it had been a long few nights.

    Tina had declined to let her into the house. The kiss had been amazing, they had both felt it but Tina had felt uncomfortable with the situation. Bette had understand it and had called Michael back. Her and Tina had spoken on the phone all night through and every night over the weekend. She knew how scared and alone the woman was. Bette found herself wanting to make her smile, she wanted to make her hers. She also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The first thing she had to do was keep her word.

    Bette looked up as her PA, Millie opened the door.

    “Ms Porter, Mr Hynes is here,”

    “Show him in Mille, Thank you.” Bette said, she was still very angry with him

    Eric walked into room, he looked like nothing had happened, like he had forgotten what he had done while drunk at a work function. She watched as he pushed his hands into her pocket. He looked up at the person he truly had to answer too.

    “Mr Hynes,” Bette said, “Please sit down, we need to have a serious chat,”

    “Yes,” He said. Taking a seat.

    “Your behaviour at the party this weekend was vile, and that’s me being polite about it,”

    “Ms Kennard…”

    “Didn’t want you anywhere near her and you’re lucky I didn’t call the police,”

    “You and I both know that doesn’t happen when it comes to actors they want work,” He looked smug when he said this. Like he knew he could get away with this behaviour and everyone would just standby and watch.

    Bette’s face became more serious than before.

    “You better take that smug look of your face because your assault of Ms Kennard will not be tolerated.”

    “I didn’t assault her,”

    “You saying you didn’t leave marks on her,”

    “I…” He looked at his feet. That was something he couldn’t say. he had been informed already that he had left nasty looking bruises on her skin.

    “You bruised her skin, you left your fucking fingers around her wrist. She’s a talent actress who has a very bright future and you being a asshole to her could mean that she doesn’t work for this company again.”

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    1. Eric is not very smart… not a good move to act like a horse’s ass toward his boss and after being rather aggressive to a Oscar nominee, he should know that only friends and strangers would not know what he had done. If I were Bette, I would have a talk with Ken as well as security as to her expectations in how they carry out their jobs… She might think about replacing Ken… a good ole boy network is not good for the general morale of a workplace….

      Bette… slow down… let Tina make the moves. Things will go better if you do. Just be present and protective. She will come to you when she is ready.

      Thanks for the chapter…

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