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    Tina rolled over and reached out, her hand hitting the cold bed beside her. She opened her eyes and saw the dark sky and knew it was still night, she rolled over and saw the bathroom door was open the light was on. Tina slipped out of bed. She walked into the bathroom and saw her wife, sitting on the side of the bath, she was pale, her skin looked sweaty and she looked sick.

    “Baby,” Tina said softly as she gently reached out and touched her wife’s forehead with the back of her hand.

    “Sorry did I wake you,”

    “No, but baby you should have.”

    “I’m sick,”

    “I can see, have you vomited?”

    “Twice,” Bette said honestly

    “Right, back to bed. Lets get you comfortable. Then I’m calling the nursing team, Kit and maybe a doctor to see if they will do a house call.” Tina had dropped into organizational mode.

    Bette smiled and let her wife take her to bed, Tina made sure she was comfortable before she went downstairs. She called the nursing team who dispatched one of their regular nurse, knowing they would need extra help. Tina then called Kit

    “Hello,” Kit’s voice as sleepy on the line as it was half five in the morning.

    “Hey Kit, I’m so sorry to wake you. Bette’s not very well, I’m hoping you can do us a couple of favours?”

    “Anything for you two is she okay?”

    “I think she’s run down and her body has finally given in. we have nurse coming early to help with Xavier. Any chance you can send us some soups, breads and anything else you can think we might need?”

    “I can arrange that, do you need anything else?”

    “No our normal order came yesterday but I don’t think I’ve got time to make soup for Bette and she’s going to need comfort food,”

    “Yeah, I’ll sort it. You okay with this baby girl?”

    “Yeah, I’ve got to be. My wife and son need me to step up. Time I did.” Tina smiled as she spoke.

    “Right I will arrange it and bring it out to you both.”

    “You couldn’t send someone?”

    “Nope this is one time I could do with the drive and to see my baby sis is okay,”

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    1. “Alice isn’t that crazy, she’s like a sane crazy if you know what I mean,” “I think I do, but everyone just says ‘oh it’s Alice’ but she’s being vile to Tina and I can’t have that.”

      Not sure about leaving Xavier. Seems soon for a premie. Kit certainly doesn’t know what to do. Her intentions are good but a premie needs a lot of specialized care. Luckily the nurses are available. That being said: Tell no one!!!!! Miss sane crazy is a menace. Why was my first thought that Alice had poisoned Bette? If it’s truly just stress then is there any wonder why? Frankly they don’t need a break from their baby. They need a break from Alice. Then maybe Bette wouldn’t have to deal with her home being burned down!! Or putting in new security systems. Or filing restraining orders!!

    2. I’m going to have to think about this chapter….. Impressed that Tina is taking on Bette’s care with such efficiency. Extra nurse, ordering food, and face time with the doctor is quite impressive….

      If this stress continues or become chronic, a vacation or few days at a cabin is not going to help. Bette needs to get some counseling on how to handle her stress factors of her life. She needs to include in those sessions her problems with Alice as well.

      Thanks for the update…..

      • Not therapy with Alice, though. God no. Maybe with Tina. She needs to learn to cut out the things that are causing the stress. One of them is Alice. What Shane inadvertently let out is that Alice has been doing this the entire time she has known Bette…waiting for her time to be with Bette. Their so called friendship is a fraud. And I’m not sure Bette realizes this. I think leaving the baby will cause more stress. I would say that Bette is probably petrified inside wanting to love and support and protect her wife and son. But, and this sounds cruel, has she ever gotten past the fear that she may one day have to protect Xavier from Tina? Is that fear still present?

        • I had always thought that therapist help you identify those people in your life which are poison and helped you decide to get rid of them…. Bette knows in her heart Alice is poison and yet she keeps her around. I would hope a therapist would help Bette recognize things as they are and not as she would wish them to be….. and respond accordingly….

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