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    Reclaiming Our Love

    A little over an hour had passed before they began to Stir. Bette was the first to wake up. Her face was still nuzzled into the soft alabaster neck, she couldn’t stop herself from pressing a gentle kiss to the skin and then reaching out the tip of her tongue for that familiar taste. “Mmm…” she moaned uncontrollably.

    Tina began to stir at the familiar sensations. “Be – Bette?” Tina asks confused by her surroundings. As she feels the continued ministrations of her renewed Love her emotions overwhelm her. She pulls Bette from her neck to look into those soulful eyes she’s missed so much. Her tears begin to fall again. “Bette…” she croaks out. “I’m so–”

    Bette cuts her off placing her fingers to Tina’s lips. “I know, my Love… I know.”

    “But I–”

    Tina tries to speak, but Bette cuts her off again. “There’s time for that later.” Bette leans forward and for the first time in seven years, the lover’s kiss. It starts slow and tender, but the passion builds. Bette pulls back searching Tina’s eyes for permission. “I need you; I need to feel you. It’s been too long…”

    Tina nods her head in understanding before turning and laying on her back. “Take me Bette; I need to feel your love.” She whispers huskily.

    Bette moves on top of Tina, pressing her body into her. She leans down and resumes their passionate kiss. Bette licks the outside of Tina’s lips before darting her tongue inside moaning at the familiar taste. She takes time to reacquaint her tongue with the long-missed orifice, both moaning as their tongues glide together. Bette moves her kisses over Tina’s face. Kissing her cheeks, her eyes, her nose before pulling back and gazing at her Love. Tears well in both eyes, but don’t fall. “I’ve missed you.”

    Bette leans down and kisses her again. “I’ve missed… you too.” Tina pants out. Bette sits up and kneels between Tina’s legs. While maintaining eye contact, she begins to undress. Slowly, she begins to unbutton her shirt before Tina sits up and stops her. Bette looks at her confused thinking maybe Tina didn’t want this, but then Tina begins to unbutton the shirt for her. “Let me.” She coos. Tina slowly unbuttons the garment, laying a gentle kiss on each patch of newly revealed skin. When the shirt is completely unbuttoned, she slides it off while gently biting the strong shoulder before easing the pleasurable pain with a kiss. She sits back and takes in the bra clad woman in front of her. “You’re so beautiful… better than my memory allowed me to remember.” Her hands move shakily to Bette’s waist where she unclasps Bette’s pants. Slowly, she guides the pants down, over the firm caramel ass. She helps Bette lift her knees one at a time until the pants are completed discarded. Tina leans forward and buries her face in the center of Bette’s bra covered breasts. “Mmm… Oh, Bette…” She places a wet, open-mouthed kiss to her chest before sitting back again. “Lay down.” Tina says quietly but firmly.

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