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    Reconciling Our Love

    Tina left the Porter residence hurt and angry. She walked swiftly to her house – a walk that typically took 15 minutes was only 8 minutes long due to Tina’s quick pace. Tina entered the home and ran to her parent’s bedroom where she easily located the old hutch in the corner. She walked to stand in front of the hutch but waited to open it, the realization of the depth of love inadvertently held in this desk. Tina reached slowly and opened the drawer, tears sprang to her eyes as she lifted the 52 envelopes, all bound together with twine. “Oh, my sweet Love…” She whispered into the darkness.

    Tina left the room as quickly as she came running to her own apartment. Once inside, she rested the envelopes on the coffee table as she busied herself in the kitchen making coffee. When she was done, she moved to the couch. Her heart felt heavy. She sat and stared at the letters as she sipped her coffee trying to comprehend the myriad of emotions coursing through her body. With a deep sigh she set her coffee on the table and unbound the letters. As she flipped through the envelopes, she could see from the post date that they were in order. She lifted the first from the top and began to read.



    My Beautiful Sweet T,

                Why have you run from me? Why have you left me? There must be more to this; there has to be… I know you – I know your body… I know your heart… you wouldn’t just leave me. My heart hurts so much – I feel it cracking, ready to shatter at any moment.

                I don’t understand Tina, I’m so lost… only you can find me. We had all these plans, remember? We were going to leave this stupid town and be together. We’d go to college and share our own apartment. We’d be together everyday basking in our special love. After graduation, we’d fulfill our dreams – you’d be a Director making the most glorious films, and I’d be a painter filled with constant inspiration from our love. We’d get married and have children; we’d raise them with the love and understanding our parents never showed us. We’d grow old together… our love would last an eternity…

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