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    Recounting the Trauma



    Tina fidgets around. Dr. Davies finishes the blood draw and leaves the room. Tina knows
    she just needs to finish her statement and collect her medication, then she can go home.
    Bette turns her body so she’s facing Tina’s right side; she puts her left leg on the bed behind
    Tina’s back and pulls Tina into her, so she’s snuggled into her chest while still facing Kate.
    The comfort and safety she feels in Bette’s embrace, gives her the courage to recount the
    events from tonight.

    ”We had a wrap party for a film we just completed and filmed at our company’s
    sister lot, Stargate Studios in Pasadena. It was a large party: cast, crew, executives,
    producers, guests. I saw Aaron and Henry at the party, but I was able to avoid them all
    night until…”

    Tina trails off. Kate sits on the stool in front of Tina. ”Until What Tina?”

    Bette rubs soothing circles into Tina’s back and gives her right hand a gentle
    squeeze. Tina continues, ”I left the party and went to my trailer. I was planning to gather
    my things and call security to escort me to my car. It was only 7pm, but I had already been
    working all day and I didn’t want to chance anything happening. I guess that didn’t really
    work out.” Tina mutters the last part under her breath.

    Kate asks, ”What happened when you got to your trailer?”

    Tina takes a deep breath and lays more into Bette. ”I got to my trailer and began to
    gather everything to go home. I picked up the phone to call security, but someone knocked
    on my door. I put the phone down and went over to answer it. When I opened the door, I
    see Aaron standing there. I told him, ’Aaron it’s late, you’ve been drinking, and I want to go
    home.’ He laughed and said, ’you can go home after you’ve paid off your debt.’ I was
    confused, I didn’t understand what he meant. I asked him ’what are you talking about
    Aaron?’ He looked at me, seriously, and said ’you left my friend Henry and I high and dry
    at the New Year’s party; you’re going to have to rectify that tonight.’ I instantly knew what
    he was insinuating. I tried to slam the door shut in his face but was grabbed from behind by

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