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    Bette pulled her car onto Tina’s drive watching as the gates close behind her. She loved that Tina was so safe here, she got the feeling that Tina hadn’t felt safe for a lot of her life. but she wasn’t ready to reveal that to Bette. It was just a feeling that Bette got from her.

    Bette got out of the car, collecting the flowers she had brought with her for Tina. She smiled when the front door opened and Tina stood in a shirt, tight fitting jeans and boots. her hair up and out of her face, she looked more youthful than usual.

    Tina smiled when Bette walked up the steps carrying the flowers.

    “Wow B,”

    “Flowers for a sexy lady,”

    “You’ll have to find her,” Tina laughed.

    “I’m looking at her,” Bette replied without missing a beat, It was cheesy and they both knew it.

    “That’s a bad line Bette,” Tina laughed as she took the flowers and smelt them. “Come in,”

    Bette followed Tina into the house, turning in the doorway to make sure her car was locked. She closed the front door and smiled as she watched Tina putting the flowers into a vase and placing me that the centre of the already set table.

    Bette noticed that their were already two suitcase packed and put neatly to one side a sign that Tina would indeed be going to New York. Bette smiled to herself, before she walked up and took Tina into her arms. Tina melted into her willing. For the first time since they had meet Tina giggled as she spun herself around in Bette’s arms and linked her hands behind Bette’s neck. Bette’s hands found Tina’s shapely hips. They just looked at each other, both looking deep into each other’s eyes.

    “I know I’m cheesy and over the top but there is something about being with you,” Bette said softly, “I’ve never really wanted to settle down before,”

    “And you meet me and suddenly you’re ready to settle down and become all domesticated.” Tina laughed as she spoke,

    Bette found herself melting at the fact this woman had no idea how right she was. Tina was different from any woman she has ever met. For the first time she wanted it all. She smiled softly,

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    1. Well that is nice. Tina is okay with the world finding out that she and Bette are together should that happen. I believe they are about ready to take that first step toward a relationship… and spend a little time together. Get to know each other… perhaps a little intimacy? Maybe a whole lot of intimacy? And even though Tina will not have a whole lot of time, she might enjoy Bette just being around while she is in New York. The two of them just going through a day of normal activities of work and sleep and eating together even without sex can be very meaningful and bonding.

      Nice chapter… thank you.

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