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    Releasing the Tension

    Tina is reading through yet another mediocre script in their home office. She glances at the desk clock for what feels like the millionth time. 4:12 PM it reads… 4:12 PM… Tina sits concerned. Bette’s lunch was at 12PM – she thought for sure that Bette would be home by now. She debates calling her Love but decides to wait – maybe she just needed some time alone to process. I’ll give her another hour.

    Tina decides to get up and start on dinner. As she walks toward the kitchen, she stops in the living room to straighten up the couch pillows and magazines. She walks toward the front window to adjust the blinds and notices Bette’s car in the drive. She looks on for a while, waiting for Bette to exit the car, and becomes concerned when she doesn’t. She makes her way outside and walks toward the vehicle. Bette is sitting in the driver’s seat with her hands firmly gripping the steering wheel. The car is off, and Bette appears to be lost in thought staring straight in front of her.

    Tina runs her hand along the hood of the car on her way to Bette’s car door. Feeling that the car is completely cool to the touch she wonders how long Bette has been sitting in the driveway. She calls out Bette’s name, but when she receives no acknowledgement, she opens the door herself crouching down until her head is slightly lower than Bette’s so she’s looking up at the brunette. She sees the slow tears, the hurt and confusion on her face. “Oh Baby.” Tina breathes out. She wipes a few tears from Bette’s cheek with her thumb before turning her head towards her. The full view of devastation in the soulful orbs brings tears to her own eyes. “It’s going to be okay Baby, I promise, everything’s going to be okay.”

    Bette tries to speak but her voice is too strangled; “T…” is the only audible sound.

    Tina reaches in and undoes Bette’s seatbelt. “Just breathe Baby, just breathe. Let me help you inside and then I’ll run you a bath. You look exhausted.”

    Tina smiles lovingly at Bette. Bette nods unperceptively and allows Tina to move her how and where she wants. Once inside, Tina guides Bette to sit on the end of their bed before going to the bathroom to run a bath. She lights several candles and pours oils, bubbles, and salts into the tub. She strips out of her own clothes and puts a robe on before turning the water off and going back to her Love.

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    1. Oh… what an emotional chapter. Bette really had an emotional break down after her conversation with Alice. In a way this is a good thing in that it allows her to communicate to Tina her fears and her deepest wounds. Being able to verbalize this to Tina will allow her to heal knowing the Tina is there to catch her. Bette just needs to believe that the reason people left her in her past had nothing to do with her but had only to do with those who left. Bette needs Tina’s loving care and continued assurance that she is enough.

      As to Alice, well, Bette will never be enough, therefore it would be best that she terminate their friendship permanently. The idea that Bette was playing some kind of drama queen in New York is nauseating. Its takes a really sick person to pretend to be abused when in reality it is not happening. And it takes a pure idiot not to believe someone is not being abused when they tell you that they are and you see evidence that it is happening. Alice needs more emotional counseling than Bette or Tina combined.

      If Alice is planning some stunt at the opening, Tina will probably will have her filleted and on the street before she can open her mouth. Tina is committed to Bette and will do whatever she needs to protect her. And now that she knows the fears and hurt Bette carries, she will truly burn through her without a second thought.

      Thank you for this chapter and please give us more as quickly as you can. i am waiting with baited breath.

      • I cannot top this!!! My heart breaks for Bette and soars for Tina’s love. Alice better watch herself. Still think she is bringing Candace to the opening. Hope Shane can factor in and help stop this. Cannot imagine Shane believes Bette is fabricating the abuse. Oh how I despise Alice. Can you imagine how Bette would react to seeing Candace? No no no!!! On one hand I just want Alice gone. But on the other part of me really wants Tina let loose on her and have at it!!! Either way Alice is most definitely history!!!Love this story very much. Cannot wait for the coming showdown. Please don’t let her ruin Bette’s show.

        • I agree with you on the Alice situation. She will probably contact Candace and let her know where Bette is. I also think she probably has wanted Bette to be with her and that’s why she is so upset about Tina who she knows nothing about and thinks she’s bad for Bette. Tina may end up having to beat Alice’s ass before it’s all said and done.

      • If Bette & Tina keep talking with Bette coming to believe in her worthiness as an individual and as a partner/lover, I believe she may in her own way, put an ass whooping on Candace and Alice.

        If Candace “appears” whether at the Art Opening or at the club with any kind of “baby I love you and I’ve changed so you can come back now”, I believe Bette will surprise her ownself with in-your-face courage that has quietly grown over the years. Or she can allow 😎 Billy-the-Kid-Kennard to xplain how things are 😜!!!

    2. Elizabeth,
      How do cram so much passion into just 8 pages in this chapter?? How do U do that 😍????

      I’m starting to understand why I am so drawn to Tina (in just about any Tibette story).

      It’s because Tina is soooo good at “preparing” Bette to receive her love. She talks to her, mostly in her ear and then tells Bette what she’s gonna do. Let me take you in the house and “She lights several candles and pours oils, bubbles, and salts into the tub”. Then she prepares herself: “She strips out of her own clothes and puts a robe on before turning the water off and going back to her Love”.

      What’s more, then Tina kneels before Bette and removes her shoes and tells hers that she is going to give her a relaxing bath, and make her dinner, and talk if Bette wants to while they cuddle.

      Need I say more??? I rest my case . . .

      ON page 5 Bette begins to explain her confusion at the intensity of Alices’ displeasure,(it’s a big deal to feel another’s hatred). I like how Bette is candid in explaining that her ego was the reason why she pursued Candice.

      Then on page 6 we see the insightful Tina summarize without judgement or shaming why Candace’s “love” WASN’T love at all. She loved the control and manipulation of Bettes’ sincere heart. “You fell in love with the affection and care she showed you, but her hot & cold behavior never let you feel safe”. That’s it in a nutshell. SAFE . . . in a lovers love. That’s what reaches Bette

      Then on page 7, sweet Tina speaks with gr8 “conviction, passion, and authority” expressing her UNconditional love for all of Bette, scars, bad decisions, brilliance, beauty and “how she loves” Tina.

      Wow!! Gee golly bums!!

      By the end of this precious chapter, Bette has confided in Tina, Tina has taken what’s been shared wrapped in the cocoon of her love, and is ready to FIGHT🥰🤣🤣🤣 . . . with Alice . . . .and Candace . . . . and you too!!!🤣

      • HA! Tina is definitely ready and willing to fight! :-)

        I love Tina’s preparation – I think it’s so much a defining characteristic of Tina Kennard.

        I think Bette was really able to show the self awareness she’s gained through therapy, and sharing that insight with Tina now shows the trust she’s built.

    3. Hey Eliz,

      I also agree 100% with Bibi & cut ALL those ties with Alice. She is soooooooo not worth the time or effort any longer. Time & again, she proves herself not to be a true friend.

      Great tender moments for your couple – nice that Tina took very good care of Bette.

      Thanks for a great update!!!

      Stay safe.

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