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    Remembering Our Promise

    Tina leaves the house after she uses the bathroom to head back into the field for work. She’s both angry and saddened at the topic of conversation her mom is currently engaged in.

    Bette Porter.

    The thought of that luminous creature hit Tina like a runaway train. Seven years… it had been seven years since Tina had seen that beautiful woman… seven years since she rejected her love…

    Tina’s Dad approaches as she’s mucking the barn stalls. “Hey Chrissy, you been working hard.”

    Tina looks up with a slight smile. “Hi Dad.” Tina wipes the sweat from her forehead with her forearm. “Yeah, I need to finish up early so I can be ready on time for dinner with Eric and this hot shot lawyer from New York.”

    Robert looks at his daughter sternly. “You should show more gratitude and respect Christina. If this works out for Eric, he’ll be able to take you out of this little town and bring you to the big city. He’ll be able to show you and teach you a whole new way of life.”

    Tina looks back at her Dad stunned. “You would let me go with him? You would just let me up and leave for New York City in a few months?”

    “Of course! Eric’s a good guy, why would we stop you? That’s your future girl.”

    Tina throws the rake down in anger, her eyes full of fire and fury. “You told me, you and mom, that I couldn’t go away to college because you needed me here. You told me, you needed the farm to stay operational in order to keep the money coming in, and that you needed me to do that once I graduated.” Tina pulls off her gloves as she continues to erupt. “I stayed here because you said you NEEDED me! That the farm would fall apart without me here to help, and you guys would go broke and end up on the street! Now, some guy comes along and you’re just like, whatever – go where you want – we’ll be fine without you! I had plans Dad, and I gave them up for you and Mom!”

    “ENOUGH!” Robert bellows. “We knew what your plans were; we always heard you and Elizabeth chattering away.”

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