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    Tina took the glass of expensive wine she was offered as she walked into the large gala. Her hand was slightly shaking as took a sip and looked around the room. it was filled with important people from the entertainment industry, all trying to pretend they all get on. Tina hated these outings she was forced to do, she’d rather be at home or out hiking. She was a rare thing in Hollywood, a private famous person.

    Tina looked around looking for someone she knew, or even someone who wouldn’t get drunk and come onto her. She hated this. She slowly walked over to the bar area after about twenty minutes and noticed a few people she knew.

    “Ah Tina Kennard,”

    Tina turned a the voice, she looked at Eric, a lawyer who had worked at a studio she had just filmed a movie for.

    “Hi Eric, how are you?” She said politely

    “I’m good, how are you?”

    “I’m good too thank you for asking,” She took a sip of her wine and looked around the room, she wanted away from this man, there was something about him that she didn’t like.

    “You look stunning,”

    “Thank you,” Tina blushed slightly. She was wearing a long red dress, which had thin straps over her pale shoulders, her hair was lose around her shoulders, and she knew the built in bra of the dress was pushing her breasts up. Outside the press core had taken so many photos of her, they had been calling her name and going wild for her.

    “You don’t understand how sexy you are, do you?” He said getting closer to her.

    Tina took a step back, but he just moved closer, he was in her personal space.

    “Please, I…erm can you…erm…step back,”  she could smell the whiskey on his breath.

    “You don’t want me to really step back,” he said, his hand reaching out for her waist.

    “I do, please,” Tina whispered. She wanted to get away. She hated this.

    “You know I want you, you’ve known since I saw you filming that butt naked scene with Harry,”

    “I was acting,”

    “You were turned on,” He said,

    Tina took a breath still trying to move away.

    “I was acting, it’s what I get paid to do,”

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      • Agree. Bette has the clout to fire him, but sweet Tina needs to watch her six.

        Eric will be on the prowl and will be quick to leak that she’s a lez if he finds out she’ hangin’ out w/Boss lady Bette.

        But anyway, this is gonna be fun to see who is going to give in 1st to this sexual tension already forming btwn our ladies

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