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    It had been four weeks, four long weeks since Tina had come to New York, she was exhausted. The show was a success, she was working harder than ever. She’d been doing promotions as well as her eight shows a week, yet she was drained. The show was mentally and physically draining for her. she’d got five star reviews. Yet she wasn’t enjoying herself.

    She was lay on the sofa, in Bette’s massive penthouse apartment, reading. She was trying to turn her brain off, it had been hours since she’d got home from her final performance of the week but she’d been wired up. There was something about a cheering crowd that made her feel alive, she also knew that Bette was on her way from LA, Bette had business to conduct in New York and she wanted to be awake for when she arrived. She closed her book, and went into the kitchen. Just as she was making tea, Bette opened the door. Tina knew it was Bette as there was a code to get into the building and another code to get into the apartment.

    Tina turned and saw Bette stood there, she don’t’ know what came over her, she almost ran into Bette’s arms, hugging her. Tina’s emotions got the better of her she was crying in Bettes’s arms.

    Bette was shocked as she held Tina,

    “Sweetheart,” Bette whispered as her fingers ran through Tina’s hair,

    “I’ve missed…you so much,” Tina said,

    Bette kissed her hair,

    “You’re tired,” Bette said softly

    “I’m not sleeping well, and the show is demanding,”

    Bette nodded,

    “Right lets get you to bed,”

    “Will you come with me?” Tina asked,

    “You want me to sleep beside you?” Bette asked, she’d been ready to sleep in another room.

    “I’m sleeping in your bed Bette.”

    “I know I was going to sleep in the guest…”

    “No,” Tina cut her off, “Please,”

    “Okay,” Bette replied, as she took Tina’s hand they walked into the large, master bedroom.


    Tina opened her eyes, after the best sleep of her life, she was warm, she was being spooned. She felt relaxed and amazing. Bette’s arm was around her hip.

    She reached down and linked her fingers into Bette’s. She felt Bette move forward closer to her.

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    1. I think that Bette should have Tina’s contract looked at by her own lawyers to see if there are any loopholes which may come in handy to rescue Tina in the event that work becomes more burdensome than the value of having the job. There is a cost for every benefit. And when the cost exceeds the benefit, well, a smart person looks for the exit door.

      Thanks for the chapter…. look forward to more.

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