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    Rest and Relax

    Tina slowly opened her eyes and saw that it was still dark outside, she also knew she needed the bathroom, she unwrapped her body from Bette’s and headed towards the bathroom, using it and then washing her hand. She went down stairs and got a fresh bottle of water, drinking about half it before heading back upstairs, she was still weak and knew she would fall back to sleep quickly. When she got back into the bedroom Bette was sitting up,

    “Are you okay?” Bette asked

    “Yeah, sorry I needed the bathroom and water,” Tina put the bottle onto the bedside table, before getting back into bed.

    Bette opened her arms and let her wife slip back into them. Bette kissed the top of her wife’s head as Tina curled into her wife. Her eyes closed.

    “How are you feeling?” Bette asked softly, as she ran her hand up and down her wife’s back.

    “I’m weak baby, had to use the hand rail to get back up the stairs.”

    “We are going to get you healthy, you’re going to have to sleep and eat right,”


    “Don’t’ push yourself, I’m not going to stop you doing anything. But you have to eat three balanced meals a day, drink plenty of water and plenty of sleep.”

    “I’m sorry I’ve scared you so much,” Tina whispered, her body relaxing into Bette.

    “I was so scared, seeing you have seizure after seizure, your mind and body was shutting down. I don’t want that to happen again. I want you healthy.”

    “I want to be healthy for you, for us, for me.”

    “You have to do this for you.” Bette kissed Tina’s temple.

    “I will. I love you B,”

    “I love you too,”

    Tina yawned and drifted back off to sleep. Bette held her, listening to her breathing slowly changing to her full sleep breathing. Bette lay back and closed her own eyes.




    “How are things?” Alice asked down the phone as Bette moved around the kitchen putting a salad together for her and Tina to eat for lunch, she was following a sheet that the hospital had given them

    “Good, Ti is resting while I make lunch,”

    “You’re cooking?”

    “No I’m making a cold chicken salad I can cook you know?”

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    1. Oh good…. Alice and Tasha are going to help Bette and Tina out by bringing the groceries. Bette can stay with Tina while she is recuperating. Having your spouse ill is not a pleasant thing. But Tina is so docile right now, it’s not a big chore to take care of her.

      I am glad Tina is resting and taking her meds. We now need to see if she changes her life style to make sure she gets the proper amount of sleep in her day to day life. We may see some personality changes as a result a well.

      Thanks for this update…. love this story…

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