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    Tina slowly ran her fingers through the water as it slowly filled the bath. She was completely lost in thought. She’d had a bad day and kept herself to herself for most of it. She knew that Bette had taken Xavier to see Kit,. Shed tried to draw and paint but had stopped when her brain had started going to a dark place she didn’t want to visit. She was now sat on the side of the bath, which was slowly filling with a bath bomb in it.

    The bathroom door opened and Bette lent herself against the door frame. She looked at her wife, her blond hair falling over her face. She knew she’d had a bad day and she’d given her the space she needed. Xavier was now sleeping, Bette had had a nice relaxing day with her sister. Away from everything but now she wanted to give her wife the time she knew she needed.

    Tina didn’t look up, she watching the water movie with her hand movement.

    “Hey baby,” Bette said softly.

    Tina finally looked up smiling.

    “Hey, did you have a nice day?” Tina asked,

    “Yah, Kit and I went shopping and we had dinner, have you eaten?”

    “Erm,” Tina couldn’t actually remember if she had or hadn’t.

    Bette had noticed that there were no dishes in the kitchen.


    “I don’t know,” Tina shook her head, “How can I not know if I’ve eaten.”

    “It’s okay, baby, sometimes that happens.,” Bette had read more than she liked to admit about depression and she knew that sometimes people with depression forget what they have done.

    “Erm, I really don’t know,”

    “Right I’m going to make you something, what would you like?”

    “A sandwich would be fine,” Tina said, still confused that she couldn’t remember if she’d eaten.

    “I’ll be back, you get into the bath,”

    Bette headed downstairs and decided to make some finger foods, she made some beef sandwiches, and got some chips. Also she got some juice. She took them back upstairs and onto the bedside table. She walked into the bath and looked at her wife who had turned off the taps but was still sat on the side of the bath.

    Bette walked over and sat looking at her wife, she slowly reached out and ran her fingers down Tina’s cheek before putting her finger under her chin and making her looking at her.

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