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    Bette looked down at her new born daughter who was happily sucking away on her breast, she had decided she wanted to breast feed and Tina had supported her. She was sat in Tina’s favourite armchair, she was relaxed and happy, it had been five days since she had given birth and they were finally getting into some routine. Xavier sat on the floor surrounded by his new mega blocks that Tina had bought him that made a Thomas the Tank Engine land.

    Tina walked in with a cup of decaf coffee for Bette and put it onto the table next to her wife, as she did so Angie stopped feeding and looked at Tina who smiled before picking up a blanket and putting it over her shoulder and taking Angie to wind her. Tina slowly walked up and down and gently rubbed her daughter’s back while Angie looked at the world with big eyes.

    “She’s so cute,” Bette said,

    “She is, but I think we are bias.” Tina grinned.

    “Very true.” Bette smiled, as Xavier walked over to her and passed her two blocks.

    “Together mama,” He said,

    Bette took the blocks and put them together.

    “There you go baby,”

    “Thanks.” He moved and sat back down.

    Tina laughed as she watched and her daughter let her wind out. Tina carried on walking and rubbing her daughter’s back, letting her settle.

    “Are the girls coming today?”

    “yeah they will want to meet Angie.”

    “Bebe sleepy?” Xavier said softly.

    “Yeh buddy its nap time for Angie,”

    “Okay,” he grinned. He loved his sister and wasn’t jealous as they were trying to spread the time between both children.

    “Do you know what’s strange,” Tina said softly

    “What babe?”

    “I’ve not painted in five days.”

    “You’ll be painting again soon, she’s just very new to the world and you’ve been doing a wonderful job of looking after all three of us,”

    “Do you think?” Tina raised an eyebrow.

    “I do, you’ve been amazing.”

    “I don’t always think I am, when I’m sat with Angie at 2am, I think and my mind wonders.”

    “Good places?”

    “Not always but my dark places aren’t so dark anymore.”  Tina smiled softly. She was stable 90 per cent of the time now and she was finally living her best life. She had spent yesterday afternoon in the garden with Xavier planting their first ever veggie garden and she finally felt like she was making good progress. It had been a long journey that wasn’t ending, it was just a path she had to follow and keep running forward.

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    1. It’s great that Tina is taking care of the family, she just needs to make sure she doesn’t overextend herself. I love this little family and can;t wait to see what’s next for them.

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