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    The opening in London had been a great success, Bette could not be happier with the way that the show had gone down, loved by the public and the critics. She was very pleased, she’d come home driven directly to the hospital and signed an endless amount of discharge papers for her wife. Now she was home, her family was home. She walked out of her office after a call with her new gallery, she had fired Matthew after he made a couple more comments to customers about her marriage and had replaced with woman called Melanie, who was doing a great job.

    She smiled when she saw Tina lay on the sofa, their nearly four month old son was lay on her chest, both of them sleeping peacefully. Tina was protectively holding him in place. Bette went into the kitchen and turned on her expensive coffee machine. There was a light knock on the door. Bette answered the door and smiled at Shane who was stood with their grocers.

    “You do know we could pay to have these delivered.” Bette smiled as she helped her friend take the stuff into the kitchen.

    “I enjoy it,” Shane said, “I feel a little useful.”

    Bette smiled. Shane started to help Bette unpack, she looked over and Tina and smiled.

    “They seems very bonded.” Shane smiled.

    “Yeah, since she got up a couple of days ago, she’s been doing stuff for him, he sleeps well with her a lot,”

    “Is Tina sleeping better?”

    “Yeah, she’s getting into a routine. They both are,”

    “That’s a good start,”

    “Tina has to listen to her body and mind to remain healthy.” Bette said. Bette moved around and putting stuff away.

    “Has she painted yet?”

    “She spent a couple of hours out there yesterday but I left her too it. She’s needs that private time away from us, to let her mind breath. I need to give her time. I want her to be relaxed at home.”

    “I’m sure she is,” Shane smiled,

    “she’s better here than the hospital.” Bette put the last of the stuff away as Xavier cried and Tina woke

    “Hey little man it’s okay” Tina kissed the top of his head and moved looking at him, “Aww is my little man wet, wet and hungry, shall we change your diaper first and then feed you, Bette?”

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    1. Glad to hear it is going better with you. Covid 19 is a bitch.

      Bette should have fired that asshole the first time he made comments.

      Such a sweet sight, Xavier looking at Tina and smiling, yes they are truly bonding.

      Shane is a great friend, hope that she is able to settle with one woman.

      Bette has her Tina home and couldn’t be happier now she has her whole family at home.

      Time, can’t say it enough, Tina must take all the time she needs.

      Great chapter, thank you!

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