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    Tina hadn’t come to bed yet, Bette was worried she’d gone for a shower after their make out season on the window seat and Tina hadn’t been in the bedroom when she’d come back. Bette got up and wrapped herself in her robe and headed to Xavier’s room, their son was still sleeping unaware of what was happening.

    Bette went downstairs and noticed the lights where on in the studio, she decided to make them both a cup of tea and then take it out to her wife. She made them both a cup of Tina’s favourite tea and took it out to her.

    Bette opened the door of the studio and looked at her wife, she was throwing paint with such force at the canvas, she could tell that Tina was angry. She knew that her wife needed to let that out. She also knew her actions had been rather out of character. Maybe she was stressed. Tina was covered in a number of colours of paint. Her hands mixing into the paint pots she was using as she wasn’t using any brushes at all. The canvas was covered in all the darker shades. Bette put the mugs down on the counter.

    Tina heard the cups go down and turned and looked at her wife.

    ​“I fucking hate you right now,” Tina yelled, she was finally angry.

    This has been the anger that Bette had been expecting. Bette didn’t know how to react.

    ​“You let a woman you don’t even fucking know touch you. You’re not a whore Bette. You’re my wife.”

    ​“I knew you were too calm”

    ​“My brain keeps playing images I can’t take over and over again. You have no idea the pain I feel. You’re supposed to be loyal and true to me. TO ME. YOU…YOU ARE MY WIFE. MY WOMAN. MY PERSON.” Tina banged her hand down on the counter.

    ​“I’m all of those things.”

    ​“You let her into your space. You let her kiss you. YOU LET THAT HAPPEN B.”

    ​“I did and I was weak in that moment I was weak.”

    ​“Am I not enough for you?”


    ​“No Bette don’t say ‘Ti, it’s okay I love you’ because I need to know am I not enough for you, am I not giving you what you need, am I not meeting all your needs,” Tina demanded

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    1. I think one of the problem this couple (besides Tina’s illness) that they not equal. This Tina very similar to Tina in s1 TLW – as i can say – housewife. She don’t have own life, besides Bette and her son.
      She not suppose to always think how not loose Bette, but she needs to think what a fool Bette would be if she loose her – Tina. She need to find her dignity and her voice. like Tina in s5 TLW.

    2. Okay, I’ve read these three chapters….. this is totally out of character for Bette. Bette has been totally preoccupied with getting this show ready. When not thinking about the show, she has been consumed with being with her wife and child. She has been so consumed with Tina and her life with her to fail to see that Alice was not respecting her relationship until Alice had become a perpetual intruder….

      Bette generally has always been in total control of her life, her being, her space. Allowing this to happen is a total loss of control of who she is… Here we have Bette seeing someone finds physically attractive, kissing her without prior flirting having only met her a couple of hours before. In Bette’s life prior to Tina, she was always the aggressor. She chose who she would go home with, not the other way around. In fact those who approached her usually reduced their chances of being the chosen one. But that was before she fell in love with her wife and had a child. Someone giving her an impromptu kiss would not remind her of that love and commitment? The fact that Candace warns her prior to kissing her? Weakness of Bette’s part? More like she forgot entirely in that moment she was Bette Porter. How is that even possible?

      Bette’s life with Tina has not been easy, but its the life she desires more than any other life. There are no distractions from that – none. No Candace, no Alice, no Jodi will distract her from the family she loves and desires.

      Bette’s decision to be honest and confess to Tina is admirable… But the reasons she acted as she did is a major problem and are unknown. Confession to Tina and promising to never let it happen again does not resolve the cause. It show intent to respond more appropriately, but does not address the root cause of why it happened to begin with. Declarations of being weak? That is shorthand for I momentarily wanted this woman and allowed her to kiss me not out of surprise but after she warn me that this is what she was going to do. This is not the Bette Porter this story has presented prior to these three chapters.

      I’m not going to say that I am done….but I am highly disappointed in this Bette Potter. I certainly did not foresee this scenario to come up in her relationship with Tina. Relationships take work – and sometimes they take imagination and creativity. That is where they were prior to these three chapters and well on their way to becoming closer and more bonded. This is a knock down punch and I are giving them a standing eight count.

      I want to see these two happily together – facing what is without adding to their problems….. but I am not the author… merely a reader.

    3. Great chapter!

      It’s good that Tina showed that she was not okay with Bette being kissed by another woman. They have to rebuild their relationship, it was and still is hard to accept Tina has a Mental health problem. It’s not easy for both of them. It is something they both have to learn to deal with, it takes a while before they find the right balance. It is logical that it will have an impact on both, that Bette is so careful with Tina and that Tina is afraid that Bette doesn’t like her as much as she did four years ago.

      I have experienced that myself with my wife and it has taken time to balance our relationship and deal with her psychological problems. And it makes perfect sense that Tina is insecure, she needs confirmation that Bette still loves her and is not walking away from her, because make no mistake this is a heavy burden for both and by talking to each other a lot and really to each other By listening and accepting them you can have a valuable relationship. And just like in all relationships, that doesn’t always go smoothly, but as long as you invest in your relationship and each other it will be fine. It’s important that you each have your own things to do, like going out with friends but also doing things together.

      You do a ffantastic job with this subject UKendeavour!

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