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    Hamilton Private Hospital

    Private room 1A, First Floor

    Washington Drive

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette lay with her eyes closed. Her bed in a mid-upright position to help with the pain. An IV drip was going into one arm and a monitor was connected to the other. She slowly opened her eyes and looked over at Tina who was sleeping on a cot beside her, her hand tucked under face. She looked so sweet. Bette smiled softly knowing how lucky she was. Victoria wouldn’t have stayed. Wouldn’t have insisted on staying the way Tina had. Bette never understood how she’d got so lucky. She closed her eyes again, resting until a nurse came in and did the half hour checks.

    “Dr Phillips will be down to see your shortly Ma’am,” The nurse said,

    “Thank you,” Bette said smiling softly.

    Tina opened her eyes. She sat herself up and pushed her hair out of her face. she slowly got up and walked over to Bette,

    “How are you feeling?” Tina asked, as she looked at the charts next to Bette’s bed. Bette loved that Tina understood what was happening.

    “I’m okay, I would rather be at home,”

    “Wouldn’t we both,” Tina smiled.

    “How much pain are you in?”

    “Do I have to be honest?”

    “yes Bette 1 being not much ten being too much,”

    “I’m at about a seven and a half.”

    “That’s too high,”

    Tina looked at the nurse,

    “When is the doctor coming?”

    “Very shortly Dr Kennard,”

    “Good,” Tina gently pushed Bette’s hair out of her face as the nurse updated Bette’s file and then left.

    “You know I was lay here thinking I’m one lucky woman,” Bette said softly.

    “Odd time to be thinking that Babe,” Tina smiled softly

    “Yeah well it’s because Victoria wouldn’t have stayed here.”

    “You think not?”

    “I know not. She didn’t care enough. You’ve been amazing.”

    “I’m looking after my partner.” Tina said, “It’s that simple,”

    “It’s not looking great is it?” Bette asked,

    “I’m hoping it’s better than we think,” Tina said.

    As she went to speak again, the senior doctor Dr Russell Phillips walked in.

    “Hello Madam President how are you feeling?”

    “I would love to say good but then I’m in pain and don’t really understand what’s happening.” Bette said,

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    1. Listen to Tina Madam President!

      Sure it’s a difficult and painful situation but you can still run the country and have a wonderful life with your beloved Tina.
      Together they can handle everything!

      Great story!

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