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    Return To San Diego

    Air Force One,

    Half way between Washington DC and San Diego

    United Sates Of America.


    Bette lay on the sofa in the President’s private rooms aboard the Boeing 747. As they got closer to San Diego her body and mind were reliving the actions of two years ago. Every time she closed her eyes she heard the bomb blast again. She could smell the blood, glass and fear in the air.

    Bette sat up and swung her legs of the sofa as her body started to shake. She knew she was going to have a panic attack and she was trying her best to calm down. She took a deep breath. She needed to control her breathing. She couldn’t show anyone this weakness. They would think less of her.

    Tina opened the door and knew at once what was happening. she had been expecting it since Bette had told her they were coming to San Diego. She closed the door and walked over. She got on her knees in front of Bette and took her hands. Bette looked up and Tina saw a panicked lost woman. This really was going to be the hardest thing she ever did.

    “Deep breaths for me, B. Okay, breath in through your nose, hold it for five seconds and out through you mouth. We will do it together.”

    For five minutes they sat and slowed Bette’s breathing back down to normal. Tina knelt talking softly to her the whole time, bring her back from the anxiety attack she was having.

    “Thank you,” Bette whispered.

    “I knew this was going to happen, you’ve been to calm about this,” Tina said not moving from her knees.

    “I cannot show weakness,”

    Tina shook her head.

    “Listen to me President Porter, you may not be able to show your weakness to the world but you can always show it to me.”

    Bette smiled softly and reached out and pushed Tina’s hair out of her face.

    “I love you,” Bette whispered.

    “I love you too, you’re my world and I’m not about to run because you are weak. You’ve been through hell. Tonight is going to be the hardest night for you,”

    “In more ways than one,”

    “What does that mean?” Tina asked as she got up and sat next to her woman,

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    1. Well Tina really took on Victoria’s parents. You go Doc and defend and protect your woman. Listening to the parent’s the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Grief is no excuse for degrading anyone especially when Bette was the target in the assassination attempt. I loved Tina telling the Johnson’s to seek medical help! I am enjoying this story.

      • UK,
        I L O O O V E your Tina!!!

        She doesnt like the Johnsons “blaming” Bette for that “Murderous Fck” detonating a bomb!

        Loved when Tina told them to seek help, NOT out of cruelty, but bc they need someone to walk them thru the horrible grief.

        Also wonder how much THEY pushed Victoria to be witin camera view of “The President” at all times so that they could gloat of their proximity to “power”.

    2. Very interesting chapter. Bette and Tina were actually very civil to the Johnsons. They certain were more so than I would be… So maybe they are out of their lives for good? I hope so. I would have come unglued when they said “airhead”. But that is just me.

      Thanks for the chapter….

      • M3128,
        Hear ya.
        Tina has dealt with hurting people who lash out! And especially skilled when cutting to the chase.

        Her mission is to help Bette recover emotional center AND see how much physical health can be restored.

        They dont have any time f/ The Johnsons. The likelihood that Bette MUST have more serious SURGERY A N D need 8+ (or more) weeks to get back on her feet is challedging enough.

        Tina will have to be especially adroint at helping Bette refrain from breaking out of the gate like a thorabred as she starts becoming pain-free

    3. I didn’t like the fact the detail let the Johnsons have such free access to President Porter. Did they have an unhealthy alliance with Victoria? Tina was much too nice to them especially after they mentioned an airhead. They really thought Victoria was running the country? They need to be gone and the President needs to have her health reevaluated. Her staff is not serving her well! PPS

      • Bette has been bending over backwards to accommodate the Johnson’s out of “optics” and guilt. She is making strides in freeing herself from guilt, but it hard.

        The Johnsons have refused to believe that Victoria wasn’t an angel. They KNOW full well that THEY themselves have taken advantage of Bette, UNjustly.

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