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    Return To Yellowstone

    Bette looked across at Tina, who was sat in the passenger seat of the hire car, her eyes closed. She hated travelling and with each plane journey it seemed to get worse. Bette had made sure they had been comfortable in First Class. Yet Tina had been tense and a little panicky for the whole plane ride and that had taken it out of her.

    Bette had hired a lovely wooden cabin, in the mountains away from the world. she had made sure it was well stocked and that her and Tina could stay away from the world. For the next four days it was just them, however Bette had made sure there was good internet connection as well as phone signal as she knew they would both want to call home to check on the kids.

    Bette turned the car into the drive way of the cabin, it was like the one they had had for their honeymoon. Bette switched the engine off and reached over and gently rubbed Tina’s arm.

    Tina opened her eyes and saw the lovely trees in front of her, with the cabin just off to one side. She turned and looked at Bette who was smiling,

    “Welcome to our home for the next four days,” Bette smiled

    “This place is stunning and very like where we stayed last time.”

    “It’s on the other side of Yellowstone, from where we stayed last time. The kitchen is well stocked, and we are to be left alone for the next few days. It’s just you and I,”

    “Just us?”

    “Yep, Kit says we can call home once a day only. If there is a problem or they need us they will call.”

    “Is one of Xaiver’s nurses going in?”

    “Yes as normal once a day a nurse will go in and make sure he is fine. Don’t worry.”

    “I do,” Tina said taking a deep breath,

    “I know.” Bette reached up and moved Tina’s hair to behind her ear. “it’s just us, you and I.”

    “I like that,”

    “Mmm, I know I love our kids and our friends but this is time for us to be a couple and be us,”

    “Shall we go in,”

    “Well I have the key,” Bette said, picking it up out of the door pocket.

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