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    Return To Yellowstone

    They both got out of the car and opened the door to the cabin, it was stunning. An full open plan one floor place, with large French windows at the far end. There was a small kitchen, a living area and Bedroom, with a large bathroom off to one side. Bette walked over and opened the French windows and smiled

    “We have a hot tub,”

    “You what?” Tina walked over and grinned when she saw it. “A hot tub, did you put that on the list of things we needed,”

    “No, but this place has cost enough, I sort of expected it.”

    “Right,” Tina walked back in and sat on the bed, “Mmm, this bed is very comfortable.”

    “Comfortable enough to spend the weekend in,” Bette winked making Tina laugh.

    “Maybe,” Tina got back up. “We better unpack the car before I take my shoes off and won’t want to get up again.”


    They unpacked the car together, Tina had brought with her some art supplies as she knew at some point she would want to draw. Bette unpacked their cases into the closet. Tina closed the front door, locking the world out. she kicked off her shoes and removed her sweater. Bette looked over just as Tina’s t-shirt rose up as she pulled her sweater over her head.  Bette licked her lips. It had been a while since they had been sexual because of Angie’s birth. She found herself being turned on by a small look of Tina’s toned stomach.

    Tina caught her staring.

    “See something you like that Ms Porter?” Tina asked cocking her head to one side.

    Bette looked her woman in the eyes and smiled

    “Always, I just sometimes forget how sexy you are.”

    Tina blushed.

    “You’re mighty sexy,”

    “It’s all that running I’ve been doing,” Bette had started running after Angie was born to lose the baby weight and it had worked. She looked great again and Tina loved it.

    Tina walked over to the large sofa and sat down, her feet on the coffee table and she put her head back on the sofa, taking in the sounds of the forest around them, it was coming in via the open windows.

    Bette sat herself beside her wife and took her hand, gently planting a kiss on Tina’s wedding ring, Tina turned her head and looked at her.

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