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    Return To Yellowstone

    “I love you,” Tina whispered. “I know things have been tough, with me not sleeping and falling into a darkness I cannot fight of late, but I want you to know I love you.”

    Bette smiled softly. She knew that Tina was more aware of her illness than anyone else. She usually managed to drag herself out of the darker spots but lately that had been getting harder and harder.

    “I love you too,” Bette moved closer and rested her head on Tina’s shoulder as their fingers entwined. “I wish I could take that blackness and shine a light into.”

    “You do,” Tina said suddenly, “Everyday you shine a light into that void of darkness with your love and support and you’ve given me a family. A family I never thought I would have. When I was young and Claire and I would hang out, I never thought I’d find love. I always thought who would what this crazy ass bitch.”

    “You’re not crazy,”

    “I know that now, but it took me nearly taking my own life to get the help I needed, to find the right medication. To stop the voices telling me I’m worthless,” Tina took a deep breath, moving closer to her wife. rubbing her hand. “I remember our first kiss, it made me feel alive. I knew I wanted to be with you, I wanted to spend the rest of my life loving you completely. Everything changed for me  in New York?”

    “When we first made love?” Bette asked, smiling softly

    “Yeah, giving myself completely too you. Knowing I could trust you with that side of my life. You made me feel alive. You gave me that boost. You gave me my first personal solo show. You gave me love. I sometimes feel like I cannot repay you for any of this,”

    “You don’t have too, your love is enough.”

    “What do you mean?” Tina looked at Bette, who smiled softly

    “Your love is all consuming. When your love is directed at you it makes you feel alive. You’ve given me more than I’ve ever wanted. I never saw myself married, with kids, living on a ranch. But here I am. You see Ti, I have always known I was gay, I just never thought I’d find a partner who would put up with my BS. You do. You never moan about it. I think sometimes you have a right too. But you just let me vent or ramble or sit in silence. This is a two way street for us. I know you feel like sometimes your darkness hurts us but it doesn’t. it makes us stronger.”

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