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    Return To Yellowstone

    “B…” Tina had tears rolling down her cheeks.

    Bette reached over and pushed them away. Holding Tina’s face before she kissed her softly.

    “You make me want to fight that darkness.” Tina whispered.

    “Good, this weekend I want us to find us again, okay?”


    “We can talk, fuck, make love, splash in the hot tub, whatever. I just want you close. for the next few days I want you as close as possible,” Bette said slowly.

    “I think I can manage that,”

    “And Tina.”


    “If that darkness does start pulling you, talk to me. Please. We are a team and we can fight this better together than alone.”

    Tina nodded, knowing that she would do anything for this woman. even after all this time together she wanted more. She wanted them to be closer, zipped up together. Tina slowly moved forward and captured her wife’s lips, kissing her with more passion than she had in weeks, months even and both of them knew this was the right thing to do.




    Bette slowly opened her eyes, her body was wrapped in a thin sheet, she pushed her hair out of her face and smiled as Tina was sat on the window seat crossed legged, she was drawing,

    “Good morning,” Bette whispered, her voice still full of sleep.

    Tina looked up at her and smiled softly.

    “Hey, did you sleep okay?”

    “Yeah but that could have been the wild love making, did you?”

    “I got a good few hours. I’ve been drawing.”

    “What have you been drawing?”



    “Mmm,” Tina turned the paper and showed Bette the lovely detailed drawing of Bette sleeping naked

    “That is stunning,”

    “Shall I sign it for you,”


    “Yes Bette, I know you’re just waking up but I’m not going sell a naked drawing of my wife. I’m sure you will find somewhere to hang it,”

    “You know I have a space in my home office that, that would fill nicely.”

    “Good, I’ll sign it.” Tina signed it before putting her art supplies to one side and sitting on the side for the bed, She lent down and kissed her wife.

    “Well hello,” Bette laughed as kissed Tina again.

    “Last night was amazing,” Tina whispered. Resting her forehead against Bette’s.

    “It was.”

    Bette stomach rumbled and they both laughed.

    “Guess we need food before we start anything,”

    “Yeah I need a shower too,”

    “Mmm, I might have to join you,”

    “You never have to ask you know,”

    Tina laughed as Bette got up, not bothering to cover her body she walked into the bathroom and Tina followed.

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