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    Returning to the Start

    Tina walked into the bar, the bar where her life had changed forever. She smiled. Her world had changed so much since she had sat in this bar scared. She walked over the bar. She noticed now more than ever that women were watching her. Tonight she had chosen a tight fitting white dress, her feet in expensive heels. She walked over the bar, sitting on the end, she got the bar tender’s attention.

    “What can I get you Ma’am?”

    “Whisky on the rocks please.”

    “Sure,” The bar tender moved and got her a drink.

    Tina looked around the Lesbian bar. This time she was really taking it in. When she had first sat here she had been scared. Scared of her feelings for women. Scared that her life wouldn’t be the same. But now she knew she was fine, she was normal in her own way. She had love. She looked down at her wedding band. She grinned. Her drink arrived and she paid. Smiling softly. She moved looking into her drink trying not to feel the eyes of the woman on her. A woman walked over.

    “Hey,” She lent in the bar, blocking Tina’s view of the door,


    “What is a sexy lady like you doing in a dive bar like this?” the woman said

    “Sorry is that a chat up line?” Tina asked, looking at the woman like she had gone crazy. Raising one eyebrow. She may be very submissive in the bedroom but she knew what she wanted and it was not the woman in front of her, who was too much on the butch side for her.

    “It’s the best I got,”

    “I think you need to buy a book,” Tina took a sip of her drink.

    “Are you blowing me off?” The woman asked,

    “Yes, I’m sorry you just not my type,”

    “You have a type,” The woman grinned. “I can be your type.”

    “You’re trying to hard.” Tina said. “Plus I’m a married woman.”

    “Yet you are alone in a bar in NYC,”

    “I am, but I hopefully won’t be alone for long.”

    “I can make sure you’re never alone again,” The woman tried again,

    “I’m never alone, as I explained I’m married.” Tina flashed her expensive wedding band that matched Bette’s.

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    1. Like Bibi I am happy, no I am ecstatic. It’s incredibly hawwt????and enjoyable. It’s interesting that you explored your writing ability with another story where Tina was dominant over Bette. This one works for me as I couldn’t picture Bette being passive. I hope you continue here and I will be looking forward to the next chapter.

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