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    Harrow End Villa

    A Private Island

    Somewhere in the Caribbean


    Bette smiled as she put the finishing touches to the table, she had ordered the food from the kitchen staff that worked at the villa. She had light candles and they had a lovely view of the ocean at night, with the stars above them. Bette was wearing a shirt and dress pants. in her pocket was a small box. In side was a white gold ring with a number of diamonds in it. It would suit Tina. she’d made sure it was perfect for her. it was engrave with their initials on the inner band. Bette was nervous. She was actually more nervous than she had been with Victoria. Everything felt different. Tina was her world. she wanted to make her happy, things with Vicotria had always felt like hard work. Yet things with Tina just flowed. She could talk to her about anything. They had been away now for nearly two weeks and their relationship had improved day by day. Their sex life was amazing and the night before Bette had lay on her stomach and Tina had kissed and touched all her scars. She relaxed for the first time with Tina doing this. Tina had taken her time. Holding her, kissing her, making her feel worthy of the love that she felt coming from Tina. She felt sexy, wanted and needed. She also felt totally and utterly in love.

    Bette sat herself down at the table and waited for Tina, who was getting ready in the spare room of the villa. Bette had told her tonight was going to be special. That was all. She’d made the setting as romantic as she could. She wanted it to be perfect for Tina. After two years she was ready to move fully on. She didn’t care about the public, the press or even the members of government she knew she would upset. she had found a happiness she couldn’t explain and she wanted to hold onto it with both hands.

    She looked up as she hear heels on the wooden floor of the living room, she turned as Tina walked out on to the large decking.

    “Wow,” Bette said when she saw her. Tina was wearing a tight black number, showing off her body. she looked stunning,

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    1. Well, maybe Jeff and Rosemary will move on also. What they think Bette could do for them is beyond me…. and now Bette and Tina are engaged…. time to make the announcement public and plan for a Whitehouse wedding.

      Thanks for the chapter.

    2. Hey!
      I’m loving this story, it sounds like Bette’s had an awful couple of years and now finding Tina, things are really looking up for her. She just needs to change her outlook on the bombing and Vic’s death and the scaring. As Tina said the scars show how she lived through the nightmare but still has the constant reminders.
      I hope Vic’s parents back of now, it’s hard for them but they need to know the facts of their daughters actions in having an affair. Perhaps Bette needs to point them in Helena’s direction !
      Loving the story! Thanks J

    3. I don’t think Jeff and Rosemary care about Victoria as much as they proclaim . I think they miss the prestige of having a daughter that was married to the POTUS and the power of that contact. Grief and loss can take its toll. I think that one Tina Kennard is just want the doctor ordered. PPS

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